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Custom Golf Simulators

aG sims provide the most accurate and immersive experience you'll find off the course.

Golf Simulation, Like Never Before

Modern Golf should be played anytime, anywhere, and by anyone.
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Beautiful Design. Intelligent Game Play. Authentic Experience.

The aboutGOLF design and installation teams are the best in the business. Improve your game in comfort and style with a true-to-life golf simulator that doubles as an impressive entertainment center. See for yourself why customers love the aboutGOLF experience.

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Our Golf Simulators


DIY Golf Simulators

The aG Sim Kit empowers golfers with everything they need for an exceptional simulator experience at an accessible price point. This comprehensive kit gives you all the  tech you need to create your very own indoor golf haven.

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flat screen

aG Flatscreen

Elevate your golfing experience to new heights with aboutGOLF's Flatscreen Simulators. Designed for versatility and performance, the aG Flatscreen combines cutting-edge technology with sleek aesthetics to deliver unparalleled golf simulation.

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aG Curve

Step into a world of ultra-immersive golfing with our Curve golf simulator. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology and precision craftsmanship, the Curve redefines the indoor golf experience with its stunning curved screen and ultra-realistic graphics.

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What Makes Us Different?

Flawless Pinpoint Precision

Repetition is the key to success. Our unparalleled authentic playing experience allows you to step on the green without missing a swing. Your shot shape will never get lost in mathematical translation.

Custom Built for Any Space

Whether you want your garage transformed into a practice room or need an entertainment space with stadium seating, our seasoned installation crew can make your dream a reality.

Your Entertainment Venue

Get the most out of your sim with the top audiovisual equipment. You'll feel like you’re in the game whether you’re videogaming with friends or playing putt-putt with the kids.

The Best in Instruction

Today, simulator business owners and managers are forced to utilize disparate tools and platforms to run their simulators. aboutGOLF’s suite of premium business tools, Clubhouse and Clubhouse+ centralize and streamline the different technologies required to effectively run a commercial simulator venue.

World-Class Support

Our support team cares, and it shows. We identify calibration issues and fix them remotely before you notice the slightest change in your game. See why customers rave about aboutGOLF's support.


Whether you’re trying to squeeze in some practice time or playing with friends, our picture-in-picture capability allows you to simultaneously stream the big game or your favorite show.


Trusted by the Pros

aboutGolf partners with Michael Breed, a world-renowned professional golf instructor and TV host, to develop world-leading technology and strategies for improving golf skills. Some of the best players in the world trust aboutGolf's proprietary technology to help them fine-tune their skills and better understand how to play a course. Players can use the simulation to practice a particular shot and refine those skills while on the actual course. Professional indoor golf centers use aboutGolf simulations for custom setups to suit their needs. aG Flix records strokes and the simulator software provides ball analysis insight. Coaches and players can pinpoint weaknesses and improve at a faster rate.

"This sim is so much more than a sim. It's something the whole family loves. The games, the practice ranges, the's all just so great. Not to mention the fact that it's EXTREMELY accurate"

Geno Bonnalie
PGA Tour Caddy

"The aG Platform helps me give my students detailed feedback on their golf game so they can better understand what they're doing and how to specifically improve their game."

Michael Breed
Professional Golf Instructor & TV Host

"By adding the aboutGOLF simulator, our business has been completely changed. The aG Platform allows the Lou Guzzi Golf Academy to create an on-course experience 12 months out of the year."

Lou Guzzi
2013 PGA Teacher of the Year

"The first time I played on an aboutGOLF Simulator was a game-changer. It actually feels like playing traditional golf but with the benefit of feedback on my game and insight into how to improve."

Eli Manning
Former NFL Quarterback & 2x Super Bowl MVP

"I use my aG simulator to improve how I approach the game, to improve how I strike the ball, and to improve my consistency. It's a lot of fun to play on this platform and tune my game without the pressure of playing on a course."

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Professional Stock Car Racing Driver

Our Partners

Our partners gain a competitive edge by offering customers the best-in-class platform for the Modern Golfer. We collaborate on customized solutions, driving results that fit your vision.

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