There's Never Enough Time to Play the Game

You golf for the challenge, competition, connection, and entertainment. But finding time to play is harder than ever. Busy schedules, inclement weather, and the offseason conspire against becoming the best golfer you can be. Playing golf shouldn’t be this hard. 

aG agrees. We pioneered the golf simulator industry over 20 years ago, removing the barriers to the game you love. Today, aG believes you deserve more than just an indoor golf simulator. We deliver a platform designed for you, the modern golfer. 

The aG Platform for Modern Golf

Modern Golf is a fresh, innovative approach combining data, on-demand competition, worldwide social connections, and endless entertainment. The aG platform has you playing anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

  • An authentic playing experience, from tee to green  

  • Cloud-powered data platform to capture and analyze every shot 

  • Fresh courses and games to keep you in the game

  • A global community to connect, compete, and play with



Introducing aG Links

aG Links is more than the best golf simulator. It's a true-to-life golf experience. Renowned golf courses, crisp graphics, data collection during every shot, and a custom designed facility will enhance your space and your game.


Introducing aG Locker

Leveraging the power of the cloud, aG Locker provides insight into every aspect of your game. Store hundreds of data points per swing to learn how to lower your score. The aG Locker mobile app gives you constant access to your game and a community hub for all things golf.


Introducing aG Content

aG Content delivers fresh virtual golf courses, games, training, and other exclusive content to keep you engaged and in the game. Easily access coaching clinics, one-on-one lessons, and more from golf’s top instructors, players, and partners. aG Content helps you win the game of entertainment with family-friendly games like darts, Skee ball, cornhole, and mini-golf. 

Our software analyzes data to improve your game. Our golf and entertainment experience brings you the unimaginable. Our platform connects you with others—because together is better and the future of golf. 

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