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Feb 5, 2024

What Does It Look Like to Buy an aboutGOLF Simulator?

aboutGOLF simulator customers rave about our design, installation, and customer support teams, and there’s no wonder why! Our teams are passionate about helping others and are sticklers for the details—you have to be when each design is custom.

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We've outlined what it looks like to sign up for a premium aboutGOLF simulator for those of you who are curious about what goes on behind the scenes.

Things to Know

Our sales team is full of seasoned pros who know how to guide their customers through the process of buying a golf simulator. But don’t worry if you’re not ready to talk to them yet. We’ll give you the scoop on what to think about before you buy.

aboutGOLF Simulators are custom built for the space they’re meant for, which takes approximately 8-weeks from the time you sign your sales agreement to final installation touches. If you want to install an indoor golf simulator immediately, the DIY aG Trainer option may be for you.

Why do our custom installations take so long?

It takes time to work with homeowners and general contractors to get the specifications we need to understand your nice-to-haves, your must-haves, and the space. We need exact measurements, and we have to understand what you want to get out of your simulator.   We ask questions like:

  • Will your spouse play?
  • Will your kids play?
  • Will your friends play?
  • Do you anticipate needing to accommodate both right- and left-handed hitters?
  • Do you want a family environment, a no-frills practice environment, or do you want your sim to double as a luxury entertainment venue?

We’ve worked with general contractors to build out dream entertainment venues with stadium seating and top-of-the-line surround sound. Our in-house A/V expert can walk you through the perfect set up or consult with your existing A/V contractor. We also make sure our design team works with your general contractor to ensure proper clearance is available for your swing, and your ISU and projector are placed perfectly.

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The minimum dimensions for a custom aG Links simulator with single-hitter stance are 9’6” H x 12’ W x 18’6” L. To accommodate both left- and right-handed hitters, the width must increase to 15’. If you are exceptionally tall, the height can vary.  

We won't attempt to squeeze in an aG Links simulator in less space because of the risks: damage to your surroundings, calibration issues with the equipment, and ISU/projector damage.

The minimum space recommended for aG Trainer's single hitting area is 14’ L x 10’ W x 9’6” H, but our original dimensions are the safest bet to assign to an indoor golf simulator space.

The Estimate

Once sales determines what you would like to get out of your sim and the dimensions for your space, they'll work with the design team to provide an estimate. An estimate looks at the average cost of materials to build an aG Links simulator in an environment similar to yours and considers upgrades.

Upgrades could include an aG Flix studio to record every aspect of your swing, premium A/V upgrades, aG Balance Measurement, and smart-home integrations such as voice controls or single-touch automation. For more details on upgrades, check out our golf simulators page.

The more specific you are about your ideal build, the more exact our estimate will be.  

The Design

As soon as you accept our estimate, the aboutGOLF design team will confirm your space's details and lay out a design according to your specifications. To do this, they'll get exact measurements and photographs from you or your general contractor.  

indoor golf simulator design

The rendering will be extremely detailed and catered to your location so we can be sure you’re getting exactly what you wanted. If it isn’t, we’ll work with you until it’s perfect.

The Build

The components are manufactured in Toledo, Ohio, and catered to your exact build. Once we have every element needed for installation, we’ll schedule a time to install your in-home golf simulator and ship the build.  

The Installation

Our installation team is also based in Toledo, Ohio, and will travel out to your location to perform the installation. It typically takes two days to install your golf simulator and provide one-on-one training on how to use your sim. We’ll also give you contact numbers and URLs should you need any help or discover an issue.  

Ongoing Support

We don’t just install your simulator and leave you stranded. Customers who choose to install internet-enabled golf simulators will have their simulators constantly monitored by the support team. If we notice your ball tracking isn’t up to par, we’ll proactively reach out to make a calibration appointment. We’ll troubleshoot the issue so you get the best experience possible while you’re playing.  

Another benefit to an internet-connected aboutGOLF simulator is the automatic update downloads. You’ll get the latest security patches and feature updates in our new, streamlined update center.

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Our support team is located in Ohio and provides tech support between 8 AM EDT and 11 PM EDT to ensure we can support various time zones across North America and Europe. We're also more than willing to schedule times outside of this window for customers in different time zones.

You can also submit a ticket online. Our ticketing system is monitored 365 days per year, and we’re proud of our response rates. We're also rolling out a knowledge base for folks with a preference for finding their own solutions as they need them.

Need more supplies? Monday through Friday, 8 AM EDT to 5 PM EDT, our customer service team is available to help place orders for additional balls, tees, screens, and more.  

Is the Process Different for Commerical Simulators?


For those of you starting out in the world of indoor golf centers, we recommend working with our sales team on a Tailored Business Strategy. This program involves quarterly reviews, provides you with a marketing strategy and supporting materials, accounting overviews, and more.  

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We also use our simulator analytics to optimize foot traffic, determine the ideal days and times for discounts/incentives to increase traffic, and monitor event participation. For more information on our business programs, click here.

If you represent a golf course, we do offer custom renderings of your course. We’ve even worked with golf course architects to render a club’s future course.

We hope this has been a helpful look into our process! As always, please contact us with any question

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