Many Sports, One Platform

Starting at $4,400

The brand new Multisport sensor from aboutGOLF brings additional fun and games for the whole family to the aboutGolf Simulator environment. Games including cornhole, skee-ball and soccer will test your skills for hours of fun and laughter as you challenge yourself and friends.


Channel your inner Ronaldo in a collection of soccer challenges including Penalty Kick mode and Target Challenge.​

In Penalty Kick mode, you'll take on an ai goalie of varying difficulty levels as you try to score as many goals as possible.

You can also test your skills in Target Challenge mode where you show off your golden boot to rack up points by scoring in different areas of the goal.


The midwest's favorite backyard game is finally making it's big screen debut!

Now you can play cornhole in your home or at an indoor golf center near you regardless of the weather.

Use real cornhole bags and take a friend on solo or play some 2 v. 2 with a group to determine who'll be crowned Prince or Princess of the Plywood!


With the Multisport add on for your golf simulator, you can also play the old arcade classic, skee-ball, in a variety of fun ways!

​Kick a soccer ball, roll a bowling ball, or break out the putter and challenge your friends to beat your high score!

What's Included?

Multisport Depth Sensing Camera System
6 Soccer Balls + Pump
8 Cloth Cornhole Bags
6 Skee/Dodge Balls
Google Tag Manager Body - End Pardot 1 Pardot 2