Indoor Mini Golf Simulator

Turn Serious Training Into a Game 

Whether you’re looking to introduce your kids to golf or entertain friends before the big game, aboutGOLF offers a wide range of games that appeal to all ages and skill levels. Make improvement fun in an aboutGOLF simulator. 


Mini-Golf Games

Level up your putting skills with three mini-golf games for kids and adults. These are sure to be a hit for the entire family. 

LOST LAGOON: Avast ye matey! Give no quarter while playing 18 holes in the South Seas. 

MYSTERY REEF: This sea floor course features ramps and banks that will challenge the most intrepid sea explorer. 

GALACTIC GREENS: Watch out for flying spaceships and lasers intent on knocking you off course. 


Games for All Skill Levels

Take a swing and improve your accuracy with fun, interactive ways to play golf and compete against friends and family.

BEER PONG: Based on the classic party game, hit your ball into a cup to rack up the points. 

CORNHOLE: Bring the tailgate indoors with the ultimate cornhole competition. 4 players can battle it out for the top score of 21.

DARTS: aG Links has elevated the traditional pub game of darts with a whole new spin. Improve your swing performance while you aim for the circular target. 


aG's Ball Striking Games

Refine shots and hone green placement with pinpoint accuracy on a variety of fairways. 

RAZOR'S EDGE: Hit as straight and far as feasible, but with an added challenge. 

BEND-IT: Players must hit a green that's protected by forcefields. 

F-O-R-E: Like the game H-O-R-S-E in basketball, your goal in this multiplayer game is to hit a green and be the closest to the pin.

CONQUEST: A new take on Capture the Flag, each player must capture as much territory as possible by landing on greens. 

Classic Challenges


  • The perfect addition to large parties and events

  • Closest to the Pin and Longest Drive contests

  • Leaderboard and on-course leader markers

  • Available on any hole of any course

  • Unlimited participants


  • Competitive sand shot games that place you around traps

  • Games involving unique shots over and around water hazards

  • Imaginative shots with natural course obstacles to navigate

  • PAR 3 and PAR 5 challenges