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AboutGolf clubhouse makes running your business efficient & easy

Manage your facilities at scale. aG Clubhouse provides a “single pane of glass” to monitor and manage players, rounds, and simulators from a convenient, easy-to-use interface. aG Clubhouse can help you run your enterprise in a simple and efficient manner.

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Create & Manage Rounds

Set up rounds for your incoming customers & tackle issues as they arise.

Accomodate Your Customers

Easily add and manage player profiles for your customers to get the most out of your sims.

Monitor Rounds in Progress

Keep an eye on players as they progress through their rounds.

Online Event Management

Get your customers into monthly aG competitions or create your own events

View & Print Scorecards

Track scores from individual rounds or competitions and easily print them for users.

Manage League Play

Get your league members scheduled and running in a snap.

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