Golf Simulators for Business

Indoor Virtual Commercial Golf Simulators

Invite excitement and entertainment to your business with an indoor virtual commercial golf simulator. aboutGolf gives businesses the resources to create a space for groups to gather, engage, and have fun during any season.

High-tech golf simulation software coupled with a suite of advanced management tools make aboutGolf a smart investment for generating revenue and creating experiences.

Our veteran consultation team is dedicated to helping your business maximize revenue and entertainment.


Your Total Golf Simulator Business Solution

Let aboutGOLF take care of all of your business's needs with the brand new Simulator as a Service program. We're here to be your technology partner and keep your facility running at maximum efficiency and profitability!

  • Low Upfront Costs
  • Automatic Consumable Replenishment
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Premium Business Tools and More!
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Indoor Simulators for Convenient Golf

A golf instructor using a simulator

One of the significant advantages of using a golf simulator is the metrics you're able to track and measure. High-speed cameras and aboutGolf's swing analysis system produces precise player information. 

Get specific ball data like

  • Distance
  • Carry Distance
  • Ball Speed
  • Club Head Speed
  • Backspin
  • Launch angle, and much more!

Advanced aG technology lets players practice their long and short game with a realistic feel.Intelligent insights help users spot mistakes to perfect their swing. Practice different types of shots and strategies to perfect your golf game on the Old Course.

aG Flatscreen

aG Flatscreen is the perfect integration for a cinema, gaming, and golf experience. Create a multimedia entertainment space to attract customers and generate revenue. High-end graphics create an engaging and captivating encounter. Take advantage of the option to upgrade to a 4k projection system for an even more realistic experience. 

Minimum space required: 10’ x 18.5’ x 9’

aG Curve

aG Curve offers an unmatched immersive experience. It's the perfect setup for players who want to feel like they are on the course. aG Curve also provides incredible visuals for flight simulation and watching movies from almost any angle. aboutGolf customizes each installation to your space to maintain its integrity and optimize the experience. Choose from nearly infinite arc length, width, peripheral view, and curve depth possibilities to fit your unique area. 

Minimum space required: 15’ x 18.5’ x 9’

Simulator features include:

Trusted by the Pros

aboutGolf partners with Michael Breed, a world-renowned professional golf instructor and TV host, to develop world-leading technology and strategies for improving golf skills. Some of the best players in the world trust aboutGolf's proprietary technology to help them fine-tune their skills and better understand how to play a course. Players can use the simulation to practice a particular shot and refine those skills while on the actual course.(Maybe insert testimonials here)Professional indoor golf centers use aboutGolf simulations for custom setups to suit their needs. aG Flix records strokes and the simulator software provides ball analysis insight. Coaches and players can pinpoint weaknesses and improve at a faster rate.

"The aG Platform helps me give my students detailed feedback on their golf game so they can better understand what they're doing and how to specifically improve their game."

Michael Breed
Professional Golf Instructor & TV Host

"By adding the aboutGOLF simulator, our business has been completely changed. The aG Platform allows the Lou Guzzi Golf Academy to create an on-course experience 12 months out of the year."

Lou Guzzi
2013 PGA Teacher of the Year

The Benefits of a Commercial Golf Simulator

There are countless benefits of investing in a commercial indoor golf simulator. The key benefits are:

  • Improved course knowledge and skills.
  • Improved scoring averages.
  • Perfect weather conditions every time you play.
  • Continuous and measurable improvement through data analysis.

Getting to know how a course plays is one of the key advantages of a golf simulator. When faced with a real situation on the course, it can be difficult to make decisions. The simulator helps players to understand the course better and to know what type of shots to hit even in tricky situations.aboutGolf's simulators are not only great for golfing but for entertaining. The interactive impact screen and hitting mat lend themselves to an array of games and uses. Use the simulator to workout, watch movies, play video games, and much more.

Creating Half a Million in Annual Winter Revenue
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More aboutGOLF Simulator Features

aboutGolf offers a suite of simulator software and accessories to measure and track golf play metrics, play games with family and friends, exercise, and watch movies or flight simulations. 

Manage Multiple Sims with aG Clubhouse

aG Clubhouse is your golf simulator management system. Monitor and manage rounds, players, and simulators across multiple locations from an intuitive interface on any network device.

  • Manage League Play
  • Check Simulator Status
  • Manage Session Timers
  • Create Profiles & Manage Customers
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Play Courses from Around the World

Play in a 3D replica of renowned golf courses from around the world. Experience the realistic feel of trees, foliage, and terrain. Practice in the golf simulator as if you were actually on the golf course.

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Train with Games

aboutGolf offers games for all ages and skill levels. Introduce your child to golf in a fun and engaging environment. Or, play against friends and family while improving your stroke.

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Play Multiple Sports

aboutGolf's new Multisport sensor adds more sports and challenges to enjoy. Play games like skeeball, soccer, or cornhole on one simulation.

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Track Your Stats with
aG Locker

The aG Locker app lets customers create a personalized profile to track and measure their golf metrics. Their profile follows them to any other aboutGolf simulation they use. Learn and upgrade your game with insight like launch angle, ball spin, speed, and more.

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Discover the aboutGOLF Advantage

aboutGolf has 20 years of experience in providing world-class golf simulations for businesses and professional golf organizations. Our dedicated team of consultants puts our clients first and takes an interest in your success. We've partnered with restaurants, indoor golf businesses, corporations, and PGA of America to build custom golf simulator solutions.aboutGolf has developed one of the industry's most precise and realistic ball flight physics and movement. If you want to improve your game, practice conditions should mimic course conditions.

Let's Get Your Commercial Golf Simulator Started. Contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a professional golf simulator?

The price of a professional golf simulator can depend on a variety of factors. At aboutGolf, clients can choose between the aG Flatscreen and the aG Curve (which, of course, is a curved screen). The aG Flatscreen is more affordable and offers an incredible experience with useful ball and swing analysis. The starting price is around $46,500.

Curved screens offer a more immersive experience. Clients can adjust the screen's arch length, width, peripheral view, and curve depth to fit the dimensions of the space. Clients also have the option of upgrading to a 4k projection for elevated visuals. The starting price is $69,500.

How long do golf simulators last?

With proper care and maintenance, a high-end golf simulator typically lasts up to 7-10 years or more.

Can you play a full round of golf in a simulator?

Yes, playing a full round of golf in a simulator is possible. Many high-end commercial golf simulators are designed with the latest golf courses, 3D graphics, and realistic physics models to give players an immersive golf experience. Additionally, a full round can be completed within the allotted time, allowing players to practice and hone their skills in a realistic environment.

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