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Aug 25, 2023

Advantages & Benefits of an aboutGOLF Simulator


3Trak Machine Vision camera systems measure both ball and club data with unparalleled accuracy when it comes to spin rate and shot shape rendering. Why cameras instead of radar like the other guys? Simple, while radar is a powerful tool outside, it is unreliable indoors. Anything from a fan to a HVAC system can easily interfere with radar readings leading to inaccurate data.


aG Simulators provide all the data that you need to hone your golf game. Plus, the precision of our machine vision technology makes it easy to transition your learnings from the sim to the course.
• Ball Speed
• Launch Angle
• Carry Distance
• Total Distance
• Spin Rate(Backspin, Sidespin, & Rifle Spin)
• Distance Offline
• Smash Factor
• Club Speed
• Angle of Attach (Vertical & Horizontal)
• Centeredness of Contact


Our carefully curated list of premium courses includes over 85 of the best places to play in the world. From exclusive partnerships with the Ryder Cup & PGA of America to clientrequested
renderings of their own clubs, we’ve got one of the best course lists in the business. Plus, we’re adding up to 8 courses every year!


aG Sims offer a suite of features in addition to our top-of-class golf simulation. Keep your family entertained and happy with
multimedia viewing and games. Increase your revenues and make a client’s day with advertising and club fitting. All that,
plus more traditional golf games like closest to the pin, long drive competitions and more!


We’ve put in the work to make the aG platform the easiest andmost intuitive piece of golf tech you’ll ever use! Juniors and seniors alike can quickly understand the software navigations for everything from playing golf, to game improvement features, and multimedia. And if you ever run into any issues, our support team and help library is available around the clock to get you back on track.


Every aG sim is custom designed and installed for the customer’s needs to provide maximum image size and swing clearance for a safe and comfortable environment. Complete turnkey systems include all of the materials needed to finish out the room. Custom options include turf, side wall enclosures, ceiling protection, projectors, audio, computer, tee location, and more.
• Minimum Dimensions 12’W x 18’D x 9’H.


aG’s platforms can easily be integrated with any home automation system for both on/off features from other control units and automation for projection and audio to different inputs so that you can maximize your space in any way you want.


Never worry about something going wrong with our extended service and support hours. We’re here to help from 8 am – 11pm EST so there is always someone available for any technical or software concerns. aG sims come with Teamviewer software for remote access for easy diagnoses and troubleshooting.


Add on features such as Flix (video swing analysis) and Balance (force plates for weight shift analysis) can be added to any custom system at time of purchase, or later on. Flix has all the video swing analysis tools you need including drawing tools, and side-by-side comparative tour players swings. The best part of these tools is that they are integrated right into the aG software so that they can be quickly and easily accessed in the range to complement 3Trak’s shot data in conjunction with swing and body movements. Club fitting is also available in the software to identify optimum club setup and configurations.


We provide all the tools you need to control and manage your simulators from one central location. Communication to and from each sim to the server control allows simplistic and optimal service levels for customers. Pre-load schedules for entire days of play each morning for quick turn over of all types of play, especially leagues/tournaments. POS and online tee time integration with our third-party software partner, Uschedule.


Unlike others in the industry, our software is proprietary, allowing for complete control and integration with aG technology and creating consistency for all aG sims. In house control of the software allows for quick and easy updates through staff and client suggestions/requests. Our automated cloud-based update center provides clients the latest content and software features month after month.


Online interaction is more prevalent and important in our lives than ever before and aboutGOLF is leading the industry with online tournaments and competitions for both in-home and commercial simulators. Our new aG Locker Mobile App allows users to stay connected to all of their events and data. Locker also provides players the ability to save and access all their activity on the sim anytime, from anywhere.

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