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The Mobile App for Modern Golf Is Here

The release of our Modern Golf mobile app, aG Locker 2.0, is the first of many steps aG is taking to connect more people to the sport.

“The point of golf is to build a community, and you can’t build a community when only a certain portion of the population has access to the game or your experience and data is trapped on and off the golf course. Technology can be the great equalizer,” said Ken Kamada, Chief Operating Officer of aboutGOLF. “aG Locker is intended to showcase your personal journey with golf and establish a connection to the game and your community. Whether you’re a fanatic who loves to analyze your game data or you’re trying to spend more time with friends and family, Locker allows anyone to be part of any of our communities.”

Last year, aboutGOLF won Golf Digest’s Editor’s Choice for premium, immersive simulators, and we intend to leverage technology to democratize a sport that was once nearly exclusively for the wealthy and hardcore enthusiasts. People who play traditional golf face several barriers including inclement weather, cost, lack of free time, and the pressure associated with playing on a course. Our simulation technology, coupled with the new aG Locker 2.0 app, tears down those barriers for golfers, and their families and friends.

What’s aG Locker 2.0?

aG Locker 2.0 is a mobile application for people who play on aG golf simulators in their home or at any indoor golf center. From the application you’ll be able to:

  • Locate an indoor golf location near you

  • Log into any aG simulator quickly

  • Access all your shot data

  • Follow players you know

  • Meet new players at your favorite locations

  • Share personal bests and achievements

  • Join online events and tournaments

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Your time at any aG simulator should be about the game, not the wait to get on a simulator. Now you can log in quickly and focus on your swing. We leverage cloud-connectivity to give you access to your data so you can analyze your game when and where you’d like. Most importantly, we’re building a community where avid golfers can share their achievements and new golfers can document their journey with the sport.

Where Do I Get the App?

The aG Locker 2.0 app is available now in the App Store for Apple iOS devices and Google Play for Android.

Important: Use the same username and password you use to log onto your favorite aG Links simulator and aG Data. The same account spans across our platform to give you continuous access to the Modern Golf experience.

How Does This Impact My Indoor Golf Business?

We’ve heard feedback from multiple businesses that the process to log customers into any simulator is arduous. With a QR reader, you can direct people to their assigned aG simulator and we’ll take it from there. Logging in is as simple as scanning a QR code in the app. You’ll save at least fifteen minutes per user per aG simulator. Your customers will also appreciate the user-friendly experience.

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“At Play-a-Round Golf, our goal is to bring people together through the game of golf," said Steve Graves Sr., Co-Founder of Play-a-Round-Golf Centers in Pennsylvania. "aboutGolf simulators enable us to offer quality golf simulation in comfortable settings, at an affordable cost, when our customers are ready. aG Locker brings data to our customers. These new aG Locker 2.0 features will help customers connect with us and each other…bringing people together to play year-round.”

aG believes our customers’ prosperity is integral to our own success. We’re building new ways to help with the day to day operational aspects of managing a business. In the future, you’ll get better access to data, your own online community, and new ways to engage with your customers. We’ll provide the technology and strategic support to take your business to the next level.

What’s Next?

In the near future, we’ll be expanding our social capabilities to allow push notifications to additional platforms, more robust social interactions, and personalized settings that can be applied to any aG simulator.

Modern Golf unites the gameplay of traditional golf with data insights, on-demand competition, worldwide social connections, and endless entertainment on a single platform. You should be able to play anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

And now you can.

For more information, check out our press releases.


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