Jan 4, 2023

See Ya at Kiawah for the January Ryder Cup Sim Series!

Another month down in the Ryder Cup Sim Series Powered by aboutGOLF and another win for Brian Mullin, from Play-a-Round Golf in the Philadelphia area.  Brian put last month’s extremely challenging shot to 1’3”, nearly jarring his attempt for the second month in a row.  I like Brian’s chances of winning that trip to the Ryder Cup in Rome!  

Since Brian is already qualified, we will be announcing TWO captains picks later this week.  Keep an eye on our blog page in the aG Locker app and our social media pages for the Captain’s Pick announcement coming later this week.  

New year, new me, right?  Just kidding, same challenging set up for the RCSS.  We can’t make it easy for you to win a trip to Rome!  This month brings us to the Ocean Course and Kiawah Island.  Yes, there is more water for you to deal with in January.  The good new is, you have far more green to work with this month.  So run one up there or put it pin high, whatever you have to do to stick it close and have your shot at a trip to Rome in 2023!  Good luck!  

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