Software Updates
Sep 13, 2022

New Course, New Game, New Indoor Golf Season!

We’re kicking off indoor golf season with some exciting new things here at aboutGOLF!  In addition to our revamped Ryder Cup Sim Series, which is currently under way, we are adding new courses and new games just in time for indoor golf season.  

Head to your closest sim and check out the latest course in our tremendous course library.  The Yards is a twelve-hole course located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  This unique course is great for competitive and casual golfers alike.  Play all twelve holes or take on the “beer loop” a stretch of three par threes ranging from 70 to 126 yards.  You’ll love the easy of play on this fun track! 

Working on your short game this indoor golf season? Dialed In is our new wedge based game.  Players will hit to a grid of targets, trying to connect three squares in a row.  They get bonus points for connecting patterns and hitting square multiple squares in a row.  We are confident players who frequent this game will see their strokes gained rise and their scores fall!  With three different difficulty levels, players of all skill levels can improve while having fun with Dialed In. 

To check out these new features, and more, head to your nearest aboutGOLF Simulator.  Use the sim locator tool in the aG Locker app or on our website to find your closest sim.  We can’t wait for another exciting indoor golf season.  Make sure to follow us for more courses and features coming soon!  

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