Software Updates
Dec 12, 2022

Handicaps are Coming to Online Competitions!

aboutGOLF is excited to announce that handicaps are coming to online competitions in our simulators!  Starting on November 30th, our aG handicap feature will be live.  After 9 holes of online play in any aG competition or store specific competition, each user will be able to establish a handicap.  Handicaps can be used to run gross/net leagues, individual competitions, or special prize contests.  aboutGolf will be running a number of 9 holes events throughout the winter to help users establish a handicap.  

The formula used to calculate handicaps is: ((113 / Slope Rating) x (Adjusted Gross Score - Course Rating)) + adjustments = adjusted Differential 

The following adjustments will be made for number of rounds played and gimmie distance:  

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