Dec 5, 2022

Get Ready for the December Ryder Cup Sim Series Challenge!

Another month down in the Ryder Cup Sim Series and we saw more contestants than ever before on a tricky shot at Hazeltine.  User Eabyrne95, from the Indoor Golf Club in Londonderry, NH, had the best shot of the month, putting his second attempt to 2.56’.  The Indoor Golf Club has produced 2 of our winners for the contest so far.  

As we move into December, we head back to a European Ryder Cup site, taking on the treacherous 2nd hole Le Golf National in France.  This shot over water to a tucked pin in the back left of the green will challenge you to put one close.  How are you going to approach it?  We think a high draw is the way to go but we are sure there will be some brave souls who start it over the water and cut it back toward the pin.  Hope you’re prepared to get wet if you take that route.  

Good luck this month and keep an eye out for an exciting announcement about our in person final for the Ryder Cup Sim Series coming soon!  

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