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The PGA Education Center Meets aG Max

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

The PGA Education Center in Frisco, TX, is getting a big, high-tech addition. aboutGOLF will be installing a seven-bay golf simulator that allows golfers to hit into a unified driving range.

The installation—scheduled to begin construction in 2021—will be the largest single-screen simulator globally, measuring over seventy feet from end to end. It will include aG Balance to measure weight distribution during a golfer's swing and aG Flix, an integrated camera system that captures a golfer's swing from multiple angles.

One great thing about aG Max is its efficient use of space. Modern recommendations for driving ranges are 15 to 17 acres to allow for a driving range greater than 300 yards. Installed in a tiny fraction of the space, aG Max allows instructors to work with multiple clients while collecting data points to augment instruction.

Imagine what a golf club could do with that reclaimed space? We can picture creative uses of the space after our experience with Hayden Lake Country Club. Why not add a sports bar to draw in a wider demographic?

aboutGOLF multi-bay simulators can support up to ten connected bays hitting into the same driving range environment. Golfers can hit the ball toward their own targets or common targets in adjacent bays for exciting head-to-head competition. aboutGOLF driving ranges are rendered in 3D, which means we can open the hitting environment as wide as we'd like without compromising the image.

"We are very proud to have been chosen by the PGA Education Center to play a part in the instruction of over 27,000 PGA Professionals. We're excited to build on this relationship and optimize aboutGOLF's platform for their training system," said Brett Campbell, CEO of aboutGOLF. "Simulators have come a long way since aboutGOLF pioneered the industry 20 years ago, and we've managed to stay on the cutting edge with our multi-bay simulator."

aG Max uses the same machine vision system found in every aboutGOLF premium simulator. 3Trak® stereo vision uses a high rate of image capture to accurately determine the 3D location of the ball in flight. This allows a precise measurement of spin rate and orientation, which is the source of aboutGOLF's authentic golfing experience.

If you’d like to learn more about the aG Max, contact sales or visit the aG Max page.


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