Everyone Wants Their Business to Be as Profitable as Possible

That’s why aG’s focus has shifted away from “just selling a simulator” to partnering with you to win the game. We use our experience and technology to assist your business with becoming a profitable, engaging, and exclusive destination. We offer more than fantastic indoor golf simulators.


No matter the type of business you run, it could benefit from the aG indoor golf and entertainment platform. In the past, we have partnered with indoor golf centers, amenity spaces, and restaurants to create wonderful customer experiences. Not only do we captivate your customers — we also provide the technology and strategic support needed to take your business to the next level.


Creating Half a Million in Annual Winter Revenue

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Customized Facility, Subscription, Benefits, and Strategies

Tailored Strategies for your Business

Put our rock-solid 20+ year history, technology-centric vision, and go-to-market support to work for your business so you can win the game.  


A TBS includes: 

  • Custom simulator facilities built to suit any space  

  • Customized subscription terms and support programs 

  • Direct access to aG’s development team for integration work 

  • Quarterly partnership reviews to ensure you’re on track 

  • Marketing strategy assistance, tools, and support 

  • Priority warranty / technical support and periodic site visits 

  • Annual subscription care packages 

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Bar games brings a new demographic to simulator golf and it’s an effective way of introducing the game and the simulators to beginners. We put bar games on all our simulators for Christmas, our busiest time of year, and offer packages that mix closest to the pin challenges with beer pong and darts. It keeps the group stimulated throughout their booking, and allows weaker players to enjoy success. It also engages members of the group that aren’t as interested in playing golf.


We strongly believe that our relationship with aG will ensure our success in an indoor golf market that is becoming more and more competitive. Quite simply, golfers want the most accurate and realistic experience on the best courses, which is exactly what aG offers.


aboutGOLF Simulators allow us to keep the game of golf going strong in the Midwest no matter what the conditions may be like outside! They provide us with a unique venue to entertain and treat our customers to a truly great golf experience!




aG Simulators

Give your customers an authentic and engaging experience that will keep them coming back for more. In addition to renowned courses, crisp graphics, and skill-building games, our machine vision technology provides accurate ball flight physics while collecting real-time data for every swing. With a wide choice of facility configurations, aG creates a custom solution to suit your business needs. 


aG Locker

With aG Locker cloud-powered services you can: 

  • Build a community centered around your business, in-person and online. Your customers can play, connect, and interact with people around the world.   

  • Engage customers with targeted marketing campaigns and timely custom content. 

  • Manage your business more efficiently with detailed information about your business and customers. 


aG Content

Perfect your business with aG Content: 

  • Expand your playing season, gain customers, and create new revenue streams. 

  • Attract serious golfers by hosting coaching clinics, one-on-one lessons, and more. 

  • Expand your audience to include non-players with entertainment options designed for all skill and age levels. 


Multi Sim Management

Manage your facilities at scale. aG Clubhouse provides a “single pane of glass” to monitor and manage players, rounds, and simulators from a convenient, easy-to-use interface. aG Control can be used from any PC on your network to:  

  • Create and manage players 

  • Create and manage rounds 

  • Monitor rounds in progress 

  • Session timer management

  • View simulator screens 

  • Send messages to simulators 

  • Get simulator information 

  • Analyze usage  

  • View and print scorecards