Nov 30, 2023

Unveiling the aboutGOLF Winter Series: A Closer Look at the Ultimate Simulator Showdown

As winter sets in and golf courses hibernate under blankets of snow, the passion for golf doesn't need to cool off. Enter aboutGOLF's Winter Series, an exhilarating competition that brings the golfing community together for a series of closest-to-the-pin contests, promising not only thrilling gameplay but also enticing prizes.

The Format: Closest to the Pin Based Contest

The Winter Series revolves around the closest-to-the-pin format, injecting an element of precision and excitement into every swing. Participants get the chance to showcase their accuracy and finesse as they aim to land their shots closest to the pin, making it a test of skill that promises an engaging experience for both seasoned golfers and newcomers alike.

Monthly Winners and Random Drawings

One of the highlights of the Winter Series is the opportunity for contestants to win big every month. The competition awards two individuals – the closest to the pin and a randomly drawn participant – with cash prizes. This dual-winning system ensures that both skill and chance play a role in determining the monthly champions. The closest-to-the pin winner will receive $1,000 cash and the random drawing winner will receive $500.

Grand Finale: Remote Final Event

The climax of the Winter Series is the grand finale, a remote event that elevates the competition to new heights and determines who will win the grand prize of an all expenses paid trip for two to the PGA of America headquarters in Frisco, Texas including a tour of the facilities and golf at the Omni PGA Frisco.

Winter Series Schedule

Let's dive into the heart of the Winter Series – its schedule. Each month features a new course, providing diverse challenges for participants to tackle. The chosen courses promise a blend of difficulty, strategy, and beauty, ensuring that every leg of the competition is a unique and memorable experience.

November: Pine Needles - The opening act of the Winter Series sets the stage with Pine Needles. Participants get five shots at hole number 3, and the stakes are high. The contest is free to play for anyone with a locker account, making it an inclusive event that welcomes golf enthusiasts of all skill levels. The closest to the pin and the randomly drawn winner will not only receive a prize pack from aboutGOLF but also earn a coveted entry into the in-person final event scheduled for the spring.

December: Caledonia - As winter deepens, the competition moves to Caledonia. Participants can expect a different set of challenges and breathtaking landscapes as they aim for precision on this renowned course. The spirit of the Winter Series continues with another chance for golfers to prove their mettle and secure a place in the grand finale.

January: Coeur d'Alene -The journey through the Winter Series takes golfers to the stunning Coeur d'Alene in January. Known for its picturesque setting, this course offers a backdrop that rivals the excitement of the competition itself. Participants will face a new set of challenges, testing their skills against the unique features of Coeur d'Alene.

February: Hazeltine - The penultimate leg of the Winter Series unfolds at Hazeltine, a course that demands strategic play and precision. With the grand finale looming ever closer, participants have another opportunity to shine and solidify their position as contenders for the ultimate prize.

March: The Links at Spanish Bay - The grand finale approaches as the Winter Series concludes with The Links at Spanish Bay. This iconic course will be the stage for the last round of closest-to-the-pin battles before the champions emerge. The atmosphere will be electric as golfers give their all for a shot at glory.

November Contest Details: Pine Needles

The inaugural contest at Pine Needles sets the tone for the Winter Series. Participants are given the chance to take five shots at hole number 3, with the closest to the pin and one randomly drawn winner earning not only bragging rights but also fantastic rewards.

How to Participate:To join the November contest and kick off your Winter Series journey, simply download the aG Locker app by clicking this link or searching for "aG Locker" in your app store. Create an account, log in to the simulator, and enter the contest. The competition is open to anyone with a locker account, making it accessible to golf enthusiasts of all levels.

Prizes:The stakes are high at Pine Needles. The golfer who lands closest to the pin will receive a prize pack from aboutGOLF, a testament to their precision and skill. Additionally, one lucky participant, chosen through a random drawing, will also secure a spot in the in-person final event in the spring, setting the stage for a chance at the grand prize.

Stay Tuned for the Grand Prize Announcement: Keep an eye out for updates as aboutGOLF unveils the details of the ultimate reward awaiting the series champion.


As winter settles in, aboutGOLF's Winter Series offers golf enthusiasts a reason to stay connected with the game they love. The closest-to-the-pin format, monthly prizes, and the prospect of a grand prize make this competition a must-attend for anyone passionate about golf. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual player, the Winter Series promises an exciting journey through some of the most iconic courses, culminating in a grand finale that will be talked about for years to come. So, download the aG Locker app, enter the contest, and let the Winter Series unfold – a celebration of golf that transcends the seasons.

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