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Aug 25, 2023

How Much Does a Home Golf Simulator Cost?

How Much Does a Home Golf Simulator Cost?

If you want an immersive indoor golf experience, you may consider investing in a golf simulator setup. Unfortunately, so many options exist that estimating your potential home golf simulator cost can be challenging. No golf simulator package suits all customers, and prices range far and wide from less than $22,500 to more than $130,000.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know before making a purchase, including how golf simulators work, the factors that impact costs, and other crucial things to consider before choosing your ideal system.

How Does a Golf Simulator Work?

Golf simulators use specialized software, screens, mats, nets, and monitors to allow golfers to make full golf swings and experience the results in real-time as if they're actually on the links. Users can practice their swings with a real golf club, play a variety of courses, and even participate in online competitions.

A golf simulator uses machine vision cameras or other sensors to track the user's game, from ball speed and spin to carry distance and shot angle. A large screen provides an immersive environment that simulates courses from around the world.

What's Needed for a Home Golf Simulator?

A home golf simulator setup requires several individual parts that work together to create an engaging golf experience:

  • Launch monitor
  • Hitting mat
  • Projector
  • Impact screen or net
  • Simulator software
  • Computer or laptop

These items involve various costs, depending on the quality and capabilities of the models you choose.

How Much Does a Golf Simulator Cost?

Prices for most golf simulators fit into three cost categories:

aG trainer - Starting at $22,500 

The aG Trainer home simulator is aboutGOLF’s dIY simulator-in-a-box. With this, you can create the enclosure and select your audio visual equipment while using aboutGOLF’s award winning technology featured in our premium simulators. 

aG FLATSCREEN - Starting at $46,500 

Ideal for home theaters, a flatscreen golf simulator provides the best experience for cinema, gaming, or golf. This means having Multimedia entertainment on a whole new level with stunning image that can be upgraded to a 4K projection system. 

aG CURVE - Starting at $69,500

aG Curve is the perfect in-home golf simulator for players who enjoy being immersed in the game. With this, you can feel as though you're stepping right in the game. Not only this, but you also gain an in-depth multimedia experience that is customized to your space. 

Factors That Determine Simulator Cost

Your indoor golf simulator cost will depend on the quality and cost of each part of the system.

Launch Monitor 

The launch monitor provides the swing and ball data you need to optimize your golf swing, with pricier models offering more comprehensive and accurate golf simulator information. Example insights from a launch monitor include launch angle, club path, ball speed, and ball trajectory.

Golf Mat 

The hitting mat provides a stable surface with similar textures to an actual golf course. A higher-end golf mat will offer a more realistic feel and better durability. Some golfers use more than one golf hitting mat for more accurate simulations of the fairway, rough, and other surfaces.


A golf simulator projector displays the immersive environment on the screen. You may be tempted to lower your home golf simulator cost by choosing a cheaper projector, but it's essential to select a high-quality model that suits the size and lighting of your indoor space for a superior experience.

Golf Net or Screen 

The impact screen protects your walls from flying golf balls while displaying the projected simulation. Lower-end golf simulators that connect to your television use nets to catch the balls. This option is great for golfers on tighter budgets but doesn't provide the most engaging indoor game.

Golf Simulation Software 

Golf simulators run on specially designed software that requires a computer or laptop. Different golf simulator software includes different courses, games, training, and other capabilities, so golf simulator software costs vary widely.

If you select top-model parts for your indoor golf simulator setup, you'll pay much more than golfers who opt for more affordable golf simulators that connect to their TVs.

Other Simulator Experience Considerations

Golfers must choose the ideal simulator setups to fit their spaces and intentions. Your setup geared exclusively toward game improvement may look different than another golfer's simulator used for family recreation.

You must also ensure that your indoor space can accommodate a full-swing golf simulator. A taller golfer with an arcing swing will need higher ceilings than a short golfer with a flat swing.

Here's a list of questions to ask when considering the experience you want to achieve with your simulator:

  • How much space do you have for a golf simulator enclosure?
  • Are your ceilings tall enough to safely swing a golf club?
  • Do you want the ability to hit real golf balls?
  • Do you want to play specific golf courses?
  • Will the setup accommodate right or left-handed golfers?
  • Do you want to use the space for other types of entertainment?

Discover How You Can Have a Fully Customized Golf Simulator Room With aboutGOLF

Whether you want to shave strokes off your golf game or enjoy your favorite sport rain or shine, consider a high-end golf simulator from aboutGOLF. We create customized home golf simulators that use award-winning technology to provide unmatched virtual driving range and golf course experiences. Our simulators also double as home theaters for comprehensive entertainment solutions.

The aboutGOLF Advantage

Our customers consider us among the best golf simulator brands in the industry for many reasons:

  • We've been offering HD golf simulation for more than 20 years.
  • An aboutGOLF launch monitor provides excellent precision.
  • We offer first-class customer service.
  • Our software boasts more than 90 courses and games.


How much does it cost to own a golf simulator?

A golf simulator can cost anywhere from $22,500 to $69,500 or more when you purchase it from aboutGolf. 

How much does it cost to set up an indoor golf simulator?

Installation costs tend not to factor in, as budget-conscious golfers may handle it themselves, and high-end golf simulator packages often include installation in their purchase prices.

Are indoor golf simulators worth it?

A home indoor golf simulator means that rain or shine, golf is on the agenda. Many golfers enjoy the freedom of breaking out their golf clubs whenever the desire strikes.

How much does it cost to build a DIY golf simulator?

The cost of a DIY simulator will vary, depending on the parts you choose. Just look at the price variances of launch monitors. DIY simulators from aboutGOLF start at $22,500.

Is a golf simulator a good investment?

Whether or not a golf simulator system is a good investment will depend on how much you use it. Consider how often you would play golf without limitations like tee times and bad weather, and weigh that against your expected home golf simulator cost.

How realistic is a golf simulator?

The best golf simulator package provides a highly realistic experience. For example, the aG Curve uses an arced screen for optimal immersion.

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