Modern Golf
Sep 21, 2022

6 Benefits of Golf Simulators

aboutGOLF's Simulators offer a plethora of fantastic features that make the indoor golf game just as fun and exciting as the outdoor game, but did you know that there are a number of factors that actually elevate simulator play above traditional on-course golf?

Time is Money

Who wouldn’t love to have more free time on their hands? While the average time that it takes to play 18 holes on an outdoor course continues to increase as the popularity of the game grows, golf simulators offer an excellent opportunity to play a full round on a pristine course at a much faster pace (typically around 2 hours for a foursome). By playing golf on a sim instead of going to a course, you’re able to save yourself hours of time while still getting to experience all of the joys of golf!

A World of Golf at Your Fingertips

In an aboutGOLF simulator, the world is truly your golf oyster. Our sims allow you to play a vast collection of top rated courses without the need for expensive trips or overbearing greens fees. With over 85 of the world’s best courses to choose from, you and your golf buddies can start the day at Pebble Beach and finish at St. Andrews, all in less time (and likely at a lower cost) than 18 holes at your local muni!

Climate Controlled Convenience

Who hasn’t looked out their window to see 3 inches of snow and been immediately overcome with the melancholy knowledge that golf just isn’t an option for at least a few months? Well, thanks to your local golf simulator, that’s no longer the case! Golf is now playable 12 months a year at an indoor golf center near you. Don’t know where to find and IGC? Our Sim Locator tool is here to help!

The Best Kind of Multitasking

What goes together better than playing golf and watching the big game? Nothing we can think of. With picture-in-picture technology available in aboutGOLF sims, you and your friends can play 18 on a December Sunday without missing a single snap from your favorite NFL team!

Data Driven Drives

aboutGOLF simulators utilize a state-of-the-art camera-based machine vision system called 3trak that provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability on each and every shot. The main difference between us and the competition? We measure while they estimate.  But we’re not just hoarding that data for ourselves. You can access that data yourself through the simulator or via the aG Locker app to lock in your distances, track progress and more!

Fun for all skill levels

Golf can be a very intimidating sport for young people as well as for those who are getting into the game later in life. That’s why we’ve built a full library of fun games for players of all skill levels to enjoy. From miniature golf to darts and cornhole, novice players can experiment with their swings, hone putting practices and just have a blast without the daunting thought of a bad scorecard holding them back.  

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