Improve Your Game with the aG Locker App

Knowledge is power, particularly when it comes to game improvement. aG Locker lets you walk away from any aboutGOLF simulator with all your golf stats, removing lingering questions about club distances, spin, ball speed, launch angle, and more. Expert PGA Instructors like Michael Breed love aboutGOLF because our technology is made by golfers for golfers. We know accuracy matters. 


A Mobile App for the Modern Golfer

Improve Your Game

Shot and trend data, club statistics, and playing history 

Join a Growing Community

Follow and compete with passionate golfers around the world  

Indoor Golf Center Locator

Find a simulator near you 

Seamless User Experience

Friction free log-on at any aG simulator 

Compete in aG Tours

Compete in a variety of event formats from any aboutGOLF sim 

Share Your Game

Share your achievements, milestones, and best shots with friends 

Win the Game

aG Tour is our e-sports platform — spanning aG Links and aG Locker. aboutGOLF players can now compete with one another for the chance to win prizes and build their reputation. 

aG Tour hosts digital golf events that run on a regular cadence, as well as mini tours and special ad-hoc series tied to major events in the golfing world. These challenges require the skill and finesse of a top-notch golfer and span every skillset from long putt challenges to trick shots to the longest drive. 

Some of our high-stakes competitions require an entry fee via aG Skins, an in-app currency for aG Tours. aG Locker is your gateway to online simulator competition.