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Winter (Tour) Is Coming!

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

For those of us in the northern United States and Canada, a bite of winter is in the air. In the Seattle area, this means wind, rain, and mud—none of them ideal for hitting the links. Many of us tough it out for as long as we can. So be it if it means being chased off by some rowdy geese.

winter golf

Even avid golfers have their limits, and with COVID impacting travel plans, it’s easy to get the blues.

Fear not my weary weekend warriors. We’ve got you covered this winter as aG Tour visits seven different destinations around the world.

This passport free, pandemic-proof global jaunt will have you taking in some of the most enjoyable, challenging, and spectacular venues our simulators have to offer. Test your skills against other aG competitors as you try to chip, putt, and drive your way to weekly prizes.

Don’t fancy a closest to the pin contest or trick shots? We have two other aG Tour series cooking up and kicking off on November 2nd.

What You Need to Compete

Our winter competitions require two things:

  • An aG Locker account

  • Access to an internet-enabled aboutGOLF Simulator

aG Locker is our mobile application that allows you to stay connected to the game anytime and anywhere. This technology syncs with the entire aboutGOLF platform, which means you walk away from any aboutGOLF simulator with your data. aG Locker also lets you find aboutGOLF simulators near you, enter events, and you can even send videos of your best shots to friends!

golf mobile app

Think about it. You’ll literally have proof you’re a better golfer. Who doesn’t want that?

Get the app here.

Because some of our competitions have amazing prizes, our #elite tournaments require aG Skins to enter. aG Skins are a form of currency in the aboutGOLF ecosystem, similar to tokens or coins on other gaming platforms. In addition to great prizes, players can win aG Skins as they compete. If you plan to compete, we recommend purchasing an aG Tour Subscription—available soon on aG Locker.

All our simulators can be internet-connected, but some folks choose not to hook their sim up. aboutGOLF customers will need access to our updates to ensure they have the latest and greatest competition courses and can log into the event.

I’m New to Golf. Can I Still Win?

With more variety in tournaments comes more diversity in the skillsets needed to take home prizes.

Most of our events are skill-based competitions, but not all of them require the same amount of finesse. If you can hit the guts out of a ball and can steer it somewhere on the fairway, the long-drive competition is for you. Not so great at distance but skilled at putting? We have events for you, too.

With over twelve competition formats, there’s something for everyone.

golf simulator tournament

We’ll talk more next week about a tournament shadowing one of the greatest events in golf, complete with adherence to standard USGA stroke play tournament rules. In this high-stakes competition, we recommend a handicap of 15 or lower.

Tell Me More About the Events!

Winter Tour 2020

Those of you who participated in Alpha Tours will recognize this format. Over 12 weeks, players will test different skills in a variety of venues. You can expect everything from traditional stroke play to near-impossible trick shots like Thread the Needle.

indoor golf contest

Each week, the top five players will split a $1,000 pot:  

  • $500 for 1st 

  • $200 for 2nd 

  • $150 for 3rd 

  • $100 for 4th 

  • $50 for 5th   

At the end of the 12-week series, the person with the best score will win an aG Trainer. That’s right. The winner will take home an aboutGOLF simulator of their very own!

Click here for more information on the aG Winter Tour.

The aG Monthly Challenge: The Gauntlet

For those of you with nerves of steel and a healthy competitive streak, check out one of our two latest competition formats in this weekly challenge. Your objective? Hit your drive as far as possible between the looming force fields. 

golf long drive contest

Enter for one aG Skin, and you can play as many times as you’d like during the month of November. Each week, the event gets progressively harder. Participants can attempt to hit the furthest drive as many times as they’d like. The five players with the furthest drives at the end of each week split the purse.  

See the aG Monthly Competition page for more details.

More Events

We can’t spill the beans yet about our most exciting tournament but check back next week for more! For now, we’ll only say: May the best team win.


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