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Want to Sell the Family on a Golf Simulator?

Those of us who are fixated on improving our golf game understand that a simulator is a great tool. Between accurate data points and detailed simulated game play down to the short game, it’s a fantastic way to get a read on what can be improved. You also can’t find a better way to keep your swing in shape in the Great White North than with a golf simulator.

If you’re the only golfer in your family, none of these things will matter when making a case for purchasing an in-home golf simulator.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Step 1: Sell the Family

“It starts with the husband who wants to improve his game and have friends over. But the one thing that definitely wins over the household is the fact that you have other activities on the simulator. Typically, if you can entertain the kids on a giant movie screen, that’s almost a guaranteed happy family sale,” said Dwayne Robinson of Precision Sports Simulators.

aG Links simulators provide an immersive, high-definition environment for golfers, video gamers, and movie fanatics. You can stream content from your favorite exercise equipment or practice yoga and meditation in a calm environment. Families, like Luke Elvy’s, hold a weekly movie night with the flexibility to choose from any of their subscribed streaming services.

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“We've created more than a golf simulator. We offer an entertainment venue where families enjoy movies, videogame in an immersive environment, or engage in some friendly competition while streaming the big game. With an interconnected platform, you're only limited by your imagination—not our technology,” said Brett Campbell, CEO of aboutGOLF.

aboutGOLF is also designed to integrate easily with new applications and allow modifications. This is one of the reasons the Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) chose us as their preferred golf simulator vendor.

The HTSA is a member-owned group of specialty retailers and custom integrators who design, specify, and install premier residential and commercial electronics systems. This group of professionals share best practices and stay up-to-date on the latest technology, and are known for creative installations.

“aboutGOLF’s reputation in the industry made them an easy choice. We’ve already seen positive synergy shortly after our announcement and are excited to see the unique applications our members dream up,” said Jon Robbins, Executive Director of HTSA.

Step 2: Hook Everyone on Golf

Once you establish the extended benefits of owning a golf simulator, then you can hook the rest of the family on the game. Family game nights are a perfect pretense.

People don’t seem to equate putting with golfing, which presents the ideal opportunity to start the kids young. Most entertainment options these days (especially during a pandemic) are screen-based. Children love being the controller in a video game environment.

Sara and Dwayne Robinson of Precision Sports Simulators support their local PGA Operation 36 program and start kids on the simulators. “They work on short distances, so they don’t have to smash the ball. They start around 25 yards out and play that distance. Their goal is to shoot 36 on a 9-hole course. Every hole starts at 25 yards out.

“We started them on the aboutGOLF Skee-Ball game so they were using a putter, then they progress up to Operation 36. It’s fun to see because they start out clumsy and stumbling around, and then you see kids literally almost holing out on a 25-yard chip. It was just great.”

Our best advice is to keep things fun. Before you know it, their competitive nature takes over and they’re hooked on the sport for good.


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