Strength in Community: The aG Alpha Home Tour

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

These are unusual times, to say the least. COVID-19 is sweeping through communities, and healthcare providers are struggling to rally the resources needed to combat this illness. While it’s easy to give in to panic, I’ve found many sources of hope.

People are innovating new ways to support one another in this difficult time. Whether it’s the neighbor on NextDoor volunteering to help the at-risk with grocery and pharmacy delivery or the creative ways families are leveraging technology like Zoom to stay connected, humans continue to find ways to persevere.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital we stay connected.

Thanks to the Internet and various web-based software, we can do so while being responsible and practicing social separation.

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We wanted to find a way to encourage people to find a sense of community while creating an opportunity for aG to give back. We’re excited to offer a happy distraction for our customers.

The aG Alpha Home Tour

Today, we launch the aG Alpha Home Tour!

In the first of a series of competitions for our home customers, players get 5 shots to hit their ball the closest to the pin. From March 23rd to March 28th, players can compete on the 5th hole of The Preserve from any Internet-connected aG Links simulator.

online golf competition

The winner of this week’s competition will receive a monetary reward, and we’ll match that award with a corporate contribution to the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. We chose this organization because they are taking on COVID-19 in nearly every corner of the world.

aG’s Commitment to the Game

I’ve been amazed by the dedication of the aG team as we traverse these challenging times. Kicking off the aG Alpha Home Tour is just one example of many.

Our employees continue to support one another and aG’s mission from their homes. Working remotely while managing bored children isn’t easy, but they’ve continued to innovate and execute at the highest standard.

Laptop Playing Golf Image

aG's premise is that Modern Golf should be played anytime, anywhere, and by anyone. Our software analyzes data to improve your game. Our golf and entertainment experience brings you the unimaginable. Most importantly, our platform connects you with others—because together is better and the future of golf.

Despite the chaos we face, the aG team continues to work tirelessly to realize this vision.

We All Have the Power to Help

Over the past few weeks, I've heard from more than a few teammates, asking how they can personally help with this societal crisis. This is truly inspiring, as we are all in this fight together, and it's gratifying to know how committed our team is to our community at large.

Here's are a couple things you can do to help:

We heard from the American Red Cross that the most critical challenge they face right now is with regard to the blood supply. Because of social distancing, and concerns around being out and about, the Red Cross' supplies are reaching critically low levels. To see how to donate, please visit Another option is to give to your local food bank, given the state of the economy.


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