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Remembering Bud Chapman & The Infamous 18

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Bud Chapman was a character and visionary. When the aboutGOLF team learned of his passing, we were deeply saddened and wish to offer our deepest condolences to his family. In a true testament to Bud’s magnetic personality, stories were shared in fond remembrance.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Bud a number of times,” said Wallace Mass, Lead Software Engineer at aboutGOLF. “He was very charming and proud of the fact that every subsequent time we met, he was golfing under his age. It was an impressive accomplishment."

Bud Chapman’s artistic vision was renowned in the golf community. His fantastical realism lent itself to a concept that struck him while debating what to do next in life after a failed attempt at prospecting gold in New Mexico. He decided to combine his love of golf and breathtaking landscapes in a series of golf holes that were as beautiful as they were imaginative.

Bud Chapman artist

Bud’s dream course was realized between 1975-1982 and featured worldwide in many formats. aboutGOLF had a long-standing relationship with Bud and his family. We were lucky enough to have the honor of recreating the Infamous 18 in digital form.

"I had the pleasure of being at the PGA show when we unveiled the Infamous 18 on our simulator to Bud,” said Ken Reynolds, Global Director of Sales at aboutGOLF. “He could finally play the course he had been painting for 50 years. He had tears in his eyes. I’ll never forget it.”

“Bud’s Infamous 18 course has always been a customer favorite and is a popular option requested to this day,” said John Anderson, Customer Success Manager at aboutGOLF. “It adds a level of uniqueness to our course library. Whether you’re hitting from the roof of a skyscraper or trying to gauge your shot across a long and open ravine, this intimidating course brings a lot of excitement to the user experience.

“It was a pleasure to see Bud and his family and spend a few moments with them annually at the PGA Show in Orlando, FL. He always loved stepping in a taking a few shots on his course."

His prowess on the course impressed many fellow players. As Wallace mentioned, Bud first broke his age on the course at 68 and continued to do so over 4,000 times. He bettered his age by 21 strokes at the age of 92.

“The first time I met Bub Chapman was in Orlando at the PGA Show. I remember his trademark hat and shaking his hand. His agent and I struck up a conversation, and he mentioned Bud shot his age at the golf course the prior week. Bud was in his early 80s. As a passionate golfer and math enthusiast, I quickly realized that is a feat that I’ll never accomplish!” said Ed Kanine, Regional Sales Manager at aboutGOLF.

For more information on this amazing man, check out Golfweek’s feature story.


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