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Professional Long Drivers Association Announces aboutGOLF Online Qualifier

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

We are excited to announce that long driver athletes can now attempt to qualify for PLDA Regionals in aboutGOLF simulators. As of February 1st, players can sign into aG Locker to find an indoor golf center near them and enter the Pro Long Drivers Online Qualifier.

If you’ve never experienced a long driver competition, they are very different from your traditional tournament with hushed voices. The sport emphasizes power and speed, drawing a much more relaxed and energetic crowd.

Best Indoor Mini Golf Simulator

When we asked the PLDA cofounders who should participate in the sport, they gave an interesting answer.

“Very few of us hit at 100% of our potential. If we’re playing a round of golf, we’re not necessarily trying to hit the ball as far as we can. Long drivers work to improve speed and strength and have much more of a grip it and rip it mentality,” said Ryan Reisbeck, Cofounder of the PLDA. “It takes a little time for people to get loose, but the improvement they’ll see in club and ball speed is immediate.”

If you’ve watched Kyle Berkshire or Justin James tee off, you’ll notice their form is noticeably different than someone on the PGA TOUR (but, sadly, nothing like Happy Gilmore as I may have originally suspected). All their focus is on maximizing the speed of their swing for maximum impact.

Indoor Golf Course

With the pandemic still looming large globally, the PLDA was looking for new ways to draw additional players to the sport.

“It can be difficult for people to travel to our regional locations, especially with the travel restrictions we’re facing today. Most local driving ranges top out at 300 yards, which isn’t far enough for players to hit a qualifying distance,” said Bobby Peterson, Cofounder of the PLDA and Owner of The One Stop Power Shop. “I’ve worked with aboutGOLF for several years now, and an online qualifier was a logical next step for the PLDA.”

Before spending your aG Skins on the Pro Long Drivers Online Qualifier, check out some training videos and get a few warmup swings in on the Public Tour’s free long drive event. Good luck!


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