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The March 2020 aG Links Update

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

The great thing about being a developer for a software-driven company is that boredom is never an issue. Technology is constantly evolving, and what we consider “excellence” is a moving target. As Gerald Weinberg, renowned computer scientist and philosopher, said, “A system is never finished being developed until it ceases to be used.”

In the past year, we’ve honed our focus on the mission of our business and investing in new product innovation. The result is our platform for Modern Golf. We’ve developed new ways for golfers to connect to the sport, like our aG Locker 2.0 app, and continue to innovate ways to delight our aG Links premier indoor golf simulator customers.

We’re confident the latest aG Links software update furthers our commitment to providing the best way to practice golf indoors.

aG Alpha Tour

When time or weather prevents getting out on the course, keep your game sharp with online golf competitions. The Alpha Tour puts your game to the test and prizes on the line with three different indoor golf games. More options are coming soon.

online golf tour

Closest to the Pin

This competition rewards golfers who have both distance and accuracy. Players typically have three chances to drive their ball the closest to the pin. All players in a single competition play on the same designated hole and course.

Longest Drive

Happy Gilmore would be the front runner for the Longest Drive. It’s a very straight-forward game (no pun intended). Whoever can hit the ball the farthest on the fairway, green, or approach wins.

Stroke Play

Think you’ve got what it takes to join the PGA Tour? Test your prowess with aG Tour’s Stroke Play. The winner is the player with the fewest strokes after playing the hole or holes (up to 18 holes in a tournament) at a given course.

Where Do I Play?

Players can sign up with the aG Locker app and either compete in the comfort of their own home or at any participating indoor golf center. aG’s Alpha Tours can be local, regional, or national events.

Best Indoor Golf Simulator

Are you a business owner looking to host your own events? Contact us for more information.

Track Your Progress

Even the most accomplished golfers continue to improve over time. We’ve added new features to help you keep a personal scorecard. Your highlights are also available on the aG Locker app so you can share your proudest moments with the golf community.


Achievements are trophies typically earned when you perform a rare feat, although we have a few participation trophies to get you started. Examples of achievements include:

  • Long Drive Master: Hit a long drive greater than 300 yards

  • Hole in One Master: Made 3 or more hole-in-one shots

  • Online Event Superstar: Placed in the top 10 in 10 or more online events


These are personal records held across standard shot types or events. Your longest putt, your longest drive, and your best personal score in an online event are examples of records that are tracked for you by aG.

golf tournament leaderboard


A milestone is the cumulative number of times you have achieved a particular accomplishment. Examples of milestones include:

  • Range Shots

  • Eagle Holes

  • Rounds Below Par

  • 1st Place Online Round

  • Top 10 Online Round

Easy Licensing & Updates

We’re always looking for new ways to minimize your time setting up your game so you can maximize your time playing the game.

We’ll automatically check the license server during updates and purchases so you don’t have to think about your license until it’s time to renew.

All software updates automatically download and are available to install in a batch or as you wish. When all updates are installed in a batch, we automatically update Links software before any add-ons to avoid any compatibility issues.

We’re Proud to Offer the Premier Indoor Golf Simulator

aG Links is the true-to-life indoor golf and entertainment experience, from tee to green. Immerse yourself with renowned courses, crisp graphics, skill-building games, and a custom-designed facility. Multi-purpose entertainment is taken to new heights with our stunning image display.

Our layouts can be customized to your space, no matter the size.

indoor golf simulator home

Check out aG Links and learn more about how machine vision makes aG Links the most accurate indoor golf simulator.


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