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How an aboutGOLF Sim Took the Edge Off Inclement Weather

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Kelly Howe felt that after ten years of playing, his game had plateaued. South Dakota’s harsh seasons weren’t helping, making him feel as though he had to start at ground zero every year. Having played on several simulators, Kelly had been dreaming of an installation as part of a planned renovation.

Golf Simulator Garage Setup

Kelly’s path to an aboutGOLF simulator wasn’t a straight shot. A major competitor had a good foothold in his area, with simulators at a couple of the local courses and installations in his friends’ homes. Even so, a few friends suggested Kelly look into aboutGOLF.

“While they didn’t own one, they said that without question, it was the best simulator they had played on.”

A Noticeable Difference in Gameplay

Kelly tried an aboutGOLF simulator and immediately noticed a difference.

“The biggest difference for me was the ability to capture shorter putts without having to hit the ball to the screen. On other sims, there were issues registering a high loft shot as well. The way that aboutGOLF captures the spin rate on a draw or a fade shot, it's just more accurate. It's a real-life depiction of what you actually did rather than an estimate the screen responds with.”

When we asked whether the technology or the people at aboutGOLF helped sell the simulator, he said, “The technology drove me to the initial conversations with the sales team. But beyond that, their ability to communicate the product was absolutely the reason that I ended up selecting aboutGOLF.

“The sales team was phenomenal from the very first communication. I spoke with the design team numerous times throughout the process. There was so much detail involved, and they were extremely responsive. They helped me through all the questions I had and designed the simulator perfectly for the space—all while communicating entirely remotely, which was incredibly ideal.

Personal Indoor Golf Simulator

“We did have a couple of unusual issues with the screen wall that they helped design and build around. In fact, we had a really great design ready for production, and I requested a last-minute revision, which they accommodated seamlessly. We had initially planned for the computer cabinet to be in the simulator area. We instead moved it to an adjacent room to free up space. And honestly, to be sure that none of my great friends were setting drinks on it.”

We all have one of those friends, Kelly. We can relate.

A Game Changer

We asked Kelly if he’s seen any improvement in his game after a few months with his simulator, and he didn’t hesitate.

“Without question. Absolutely. It would surprise me if it hasn’t already taken ten strokes off a typical round for me, if not more than that.

"We got a chance to go out in December of this year on an unbelievably nice and mild day. I was joined by two guys that I tend to play with on a Thursday night league. I'd only had the simulator for about a month at that point. We don't bet big money, but we always bet. Our scores tend to be in the low 90s. After five holes, I was one under, and they paid up. So, I think that not only do I see the improvement, but they certainly do, too!”

To read more about how Kelly has gotten an unexpected benefit in the entertainment department and get more details on Kelly's requirements and selection process, stay tuned for his customer story.


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