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Looking for a Fun Distraction? Check Out the Public Tour

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

If you’re looking for a distraction from the news cycles or are in a state lucky enough to have open indoor golf centers, check out the Public Tour through aG Locker. This free golf simulator tournament allows you to test your skills against other players around the globe.

infamous 18 bud chapman
A view from the tee of hole 1 on Bud Chapman's Infamous 18 course

If you’ve been thinking about entering the Ryder Cup SIM Series (who wouldn’t with a chance to win a trip to the 43rd Ryder Cup and an aG Curve??), the Public Tour is a great way to get your feet wet before committing to an aG Skins subscription.

The Public Tour is free to enter, and one of the three available events follows the same format as the Ryder Cup SIM Series—traditional stroke-play.

February 2021 Featured Events

Closest to the Pin – Waterlefe Golf and River Club – Hole 15

This par 3 is very memorable! The distance to the tee isn’t too challenging, but the surroundings are very distracting. You’ll need to carry the distance to the pin which sits on a walled, island green. The green is hugged by wetlands on three sides and the Manatee River on the fourth.

Indoor Golf Practice Facility Near Me

Long Drive – Competition Course – Hole 1

Do you love to grip it and rip it? Not especially fond of the finesse needed for the short game?

This competition is for you.

Channel your inner Professional Long Driver and smash the ball as far as you can with minimal thought for precision. Check out a few videos from our friends at the PLDA for some inspiration and let’er rip.

Stroke Play - Bud Chapman’s Infamous 18 – The Front 9

What do the Grand Canyon, Fujiyama Gardens, Big Sur, and Mauna Pele have in common?

Bud Chapman’s imagination.

Indoor Golf Practice Facility

It took virtual reality to realize Bud’s vision, and we’re honored to have had the opportunity to do so. Take a tour of the most gorgeous, challenging holes you’ll ever witness.

Want to Know How to Play?

Check out the aG Tour page for more information on how, where, and when you can participate in these great competitions.


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