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January's Contest is in the Bag! Bring on February!

How's that for a Pinseeker?!

You’re not going to put one any closer than @Jasonwu did in our January Prize Contest. Jason holed one on 17 at Kiawah this month to take home our grand prize. There were some great efforts in second and third as @woody124 put one to .45’ and DJKgolf to .47’. All of our winners will be taking home an aboutGOLF prize pack with aG swag, a gift card and a free lesson from aboutGOLF ambassador Travis Fulton.

Now, onto February. As Valentines Day approaches we think you’ll LOVE this month’s competition. We head to Bethpage and take on the 3rd hole at the Black Course. We set this one up pretty easy for you and expect to see a bunch of shots in there tight! Don’t let a low score discourage you from competing. In addition to our top 3 this month, we’ll be picking a random winner from somewhere in the field. 150 yards to an accessible pin. Lets see what you’ve got! Compete now for you aG swag, gift card and free lesson from Travis Fulton. We’ll see you on the sim!