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A Data-Driven Customer Story: aboutGOLF’s Accuracy

Our product team is obsessed with golf simulator accuracy. If you get them started, they will give you an in-depth physics lesson and then delve into the inner workings of machine vision (which we have distilled for you in a non-overwhelming version here). When we spoke with Todd Thibodeaux about his in-home golf simulator, we knew the engineering team would be thrilled to learn their quest for pinpoint precision is appreciated.

If you want to work on every aspect of your game—and we’ll remind you that the bulk of the game takes place at less than 150 yards from the pin—accuracy is a must-have.

How Machine Vision Compares to Other Methods

In a recent (long) conversation with engineering, we discussed why aboutGOLF moved away from using one-dimensional cameras plus radar. While radar is good at estimating distance, the lack of spin measurement results in an unrealistic shot shape.

Todd Thibodeaux’s personal experience echoes what engineering discovered over the years.