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The Club Pro Guy Learning Center Is About to Level Up

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

KANSAS CITY, MO June 24th, 2020 — Today, renowned golf instructor Club Pro Guy (CPG) announced an exciting new addition to his Learning Center. Students can now look forward to playing on the world’s most authentic and accurate indoor golf and entertainment platform from aboutGOLF.

golf instructor Club Pro Guy

“We’re thrilled that someone with such a magnificent track record on the Mexican Mini-Tour, especially one who famously made the cut at the ’91 Yucatán Masters, would consider one of our golf simulators for his program,” said Isaac Roybal, VP of Marketing at aboutGOLF (aG). “We know the founder of the Stack and Jilt™ Short Game Plan will be impressed with one of aG’s biggest differentiators—our short game capability.”

In a playing career that spanned nearly two decades on the Mexican Mini-Tour, CPG amassed 17 made cuts and finished last on the money list a record 13 times. Despite his elite punch out game, CPG is probably best known for his 8-hole par streak in 1998 that has since been made into an award-winning documentary.

With his playing days now behind him, CPG has taken his talents to a semi-private club just outside of Kansas City, where he shares his knowledge of the golf swing with an eager membership.

"There are only three ways to make it big in the world of golf instruction,” said CPG. “Number one, you can have your daddy win The Masters and get everything handed to you on a silver platter like Butch Harmon. Number two, you can make yourself sound exotic with an embellished Australian accent like David Leadbetter. Or number three, you can invest in a simulator, and that’s the route I’ve chosen to take.”

aboutGOLF's indoor golf & entertainment platform is renowned for its authentic playing experience, from tee to green. aG also boasts a cloud-powered data platform to capture and analyze every shot, fresh courses and games to keep you engaged, and a global community to connect, compete, and play with. Having a generous heart, Club Pro Guy instantly saw beyond his own development and thought of his students.

“Thanks to my friends at aboutGOLF, I’m having a top-of-the-line custom simulator installed in my Learning Center that will provide teaching capabilities that my students could once only dream about. I can’t wait to open my doors to the single and divorced moms at my club who are looking to take their game to the next level.”

When he was asked how he can afford aG's highest-end luxury simulator, we thought he would balk. We should have known better.

“Similar to when I bought my Miata, I did some creative financing that made this all possible,” said CPG. “First off, I told my employees that I missed the application deadline for the COVID-19 PPP relief fund from the government when I actually didn’t. I took the $38,000 we received and redirected those dollars into a simulator slush fund. Secondly, I asked my mom to do a reverse mortgage on her tri-plex in Topeka. And third, the funds we have coming in from our greenskeeper Miguel’s wage garnishment for surviving the Coronavirus after the members chipped in for his funeral have been redirected to this project as well.”

Golf Simulator

He didn’t stop there.

“The remaining amount, I scattered over 4 different credit cards because it gives the flexibility to charge a ton of money and just make a low minimum payment. That’s called leverage.”

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