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Announcing Golf Pride's aboutGOLF Installation

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

We’re very excited to announce a new aboutGOLF installation at Golf Pride's Global Innovation Center!

Golf Pride’s Global Innovation Center sits near the entrance to Pinehurst Resort’s Centennial Course, Pinehurst No. 8—a course developed to celebrate the club’s opening in 1895. Pinehurst is known as American’s Home of Golf, and the resort consistently ranks in the top five golf destinations in the United States.

golf pride pinehurst

“We’re very pleased about what this collaboration affords both companies. Prospective clients of aboutGOLF now have an excuse to fly to the home of American golf while they try out our premium golf simulator. Golf Pride gains access to our swing, ball flight, and stance balance statistics to go that extra mile to confirm their grips positively impact a player’s performance. It’s a win-win,” said Brett Campbell, CEO of aboutGOLF.

If you’re in the southern United States and have been itching to try out one of aboutGOLF’s premium simulators, now you also have a great excuse to visit one of the top golf destinations in the United States.

The simulator will be adjacent to Golf Pride's research and development lab for convenient access for testing and developing Golf Pride’s future product technologies. The aboutGOLF simulator will also be accessible to consumers for custom fitting when Golf Pride opens its Consumer Experience in the fall of 2021. In addition to serving as a demonstration unit for potential aboutGOLF clients, the simulator will be a feature for consumers visiting the Innovation Center.

"The relationship between aboutGOLF and Golf Pride is a natural one as both companies strive to improve players' games through technological innovation," said Campbell. "And Pinehurst is the perfect place to do it."

aboutgolf simulator golf pride pinehurst

The aboutGOLF simulator selected for its ultimate immersive experience is the aG Links Curve Screen. The simulator will also be equipped with aG Balance, aboutGOLF’s balance and weight measurement system, and aG Flix, aboutGOLF’s integrated video recording system. These add-ons combined with 3Trak® multi-dimensional cameras will allow for dozens of data points to be collected during every swing.

“aboutGOLF is one of the most trusted simulator brands in the business. We’re excited about the upcoming simulator installation and what it means for our product innovation team and the Consumer Experience at our GIC,” said James Ledford, President at Golf Pride.

For more information on aboutGOLF’s premium simulators model details, add-ons, and installation requirements, click here.


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