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Announcing aG Trainer: Indoor Golf Delivered to Your Door

We’re experiencing some unbelievable times and I’m sure you’ve seen the flood of complaints or memes about social distancing and course closures. We’ve seen people sneaking on courses at night (not recommended!) and drawing plans for modifications to their front yards. Let’s face it. Things are weird and we could all use a break.

That’s why aG is offering, for a limited time, the most accurate and insightful indoor golf technology—delivered to your door—at an affordable price point.

“We find golf is a great way to destress, even if you’re stuck indoors. At aG, we wanted to provide people a way to keep playing the game. Plus, access to swing data and online competitions through aG Tours will give players more confidence when they walk back onto their home course,” said Brett Campbell, CEO of aG.

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Introducing aG Trainer: A Serious Golfer’s Dream

For a limited time, aG will deliver the most accurate swing data money can buy to your door. Install your own affordable indoor training center to play golf any time, any place, and any season.

aG Trainer includes:

  • Industry-leading 3Trak® technology for precise swing and ball tracking with dozens of images per hit

  • High-performance laptop calibrated to calculate insights from thousands of data points per swing

  • 1-year aG Trainer Subscription

  • Hitting and stance mats

  • Adjustable tee system

  • QR reader for quick log-in via aG Locker

aG Trainer's single hitting area fits in a 14’ L x 10’ W x 9’ H space

You can practice with confidence knowing your system is set up correctly. Every aG Links and aG Trainer simulator is enabled with Remote Health Monitoring. This built-in quality control provides our support teams with automated notifications and performance reports on your system. We know when things need to be recalibrated before you notice a change in game play. Whether you’re an avid golfer looking to level up your game or a coach who needs to deliver a new dimension of data, insight, and credibility to your practice, aG Trainer is for you.

Data, Insight, and Accuracy Without the Frills

To keep aG Trainer at the low price point of $17,500 USD, aG focused exclusively on the technology needed for precise swing optics. aG enables golfers to play and improve their game anytime and any season by bringing the game indoors. “While we are the number one premium golf simulator brand, there are some golf professionals and avid players who don’t need all the frills. They’re focused solely on improving their game,” said Campbell. “We believe now is the time to offer a product that provides the best optics for swing improvement at a competitive entry price point.”

aG Trainer diverges from the aG Links product line and does not come with custom installation or a projector, screen, turf, touch screen, or ball net. With the aid of instructional videos, aG Trainer customers are expected to perform their own ceiling mount installation.

Product Installation Details

Minimum room dimensions for aG Trainer are 14’ L x 10’ W x 9’ H.

  • Ceiling mounts should be installed on ceilings no shorter than 9 feet to allow for golf swing clearance

  • Width can vary between 10 feet for an exclusively left- or right-hand swing

  • aG recommends 10 feet of clearance in front of the tee for a screen (not included), or 7 feet of clearance if not using a screen

  • There should be 7 feet of clearance behind the tee

To accommodate both left- and right-handed hitters, contact our sales team for additional information.

Why aG Is the Modern Golf Leader

We know your time is precious. That’s why we provide the most performant experience on any aG Links simulator, give you a way to remotely connect to your game and a community of passionate golfers via aG Locker, and frequently release new aG Content like fresh courses and games for every skill level.

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Because our platform is software-based and cloud-enabled, you can access your game data, milestones, records, and achievements whether you’re on aG Data, playing on aG Trainer, or catching up on aG Locker. We’re also modernizing indoor golf competition with aG Tour. Use aG Locker to register for an online event, take your swings on your aG Trainer, and see how you rank as a tournament progresses. aG believes you should play the game anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. Check out more on the Magic of Machine Vision and Contact Us with any questions.


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