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Alpha Tour Summer 2020: Week 9 Results

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

With the week ten kick-off already behind us, it’s time to announce another $1,000 USD winner! 

Hazards proved a real challenge for our week nine participants at hole 17 of Sheshan International Club. We saw shots sink in the drink, and more than a few players hit the dirt on this intimidating course.

Jeffrey Snyder made the lucky shot, landing 3.35 feet from the pin. Second and third place fell less than a foot away, making this contest a close call. Congratulations!

A big thank you to our 2nd place winner, Chadversteeg, for this awesome feedback:

If I can win at this, everyone has a chance. That's the great thing about this contest. Everyone has a chance.

Here are the top 10 players for Week 9:


Want to see how we calculate tie breakers? Check out our rules and regulations

We know you’re anxious to see the results for the Summer Cup, so here are the top 3 players (click here for the full leaderboard):

AG - Alpha Summer Week 9 Standing

You have one week to qualify for the grand prize. Check out our post on the Week 10 event and the aG Tour page for more details about the tournament.


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