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Alpha Tour Summer 2020: Week 8 Results

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

As week eight of Alpha Tour – Summer 2020 closes and we’re entering the final weeks to qualify for the $10,000 USD grand prize, we’re seeing more competitors line up to take a swing each week.

We thought the floating green was hard, but this week’s event proved more difficult. Participants faced the near-impossible with a Closest to the Pin challenge staged in a wind storm. Yikes!

This week, Shane197 took the win with a drive landing 6.53 feet from the pin. Congratulations!

Here are the top 10 players for Week 8:

online golf tournament

Want to see how we calculate tie breakers? Check out our rules and regulations

We know you’re anxious to see the results for the Summer Cup, so here are the top 3 players (click here for the full leaderboard):

AG - Alpha Summer 2020 Leader Board

You still have two more weeks to qualify for the grand prize. Check out our post on the Week 9 event and the aG Tour page for more details about the tournament.


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