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Alpha Tour Summer 2020: Week 3 Results and Week 4 Kickoff

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

The flop wall is a crafty challenge that debuted our obstacle course capabilities. We were shocked that multiple people aced the challenge!

During our week 3 event, 5 players aced the Flop Wall challenge on hole 2 of aG’s Competition Course! Using our rules and regulations tie-breaker guidelines, Benoit Sauriol came in first for a $500 prize, Silly14 came in second, and KWeldon came in third for $250 each. Congratulations!

Here are the top 10 players for Week 3:

Alpha Tour - Week 3 Score Card - About Golf

We know you’re anxious to see the results for the Summer Cup, so here are the top 3 players (click here for the full leaderboard):

aG Alpha Tour Summer 2020

You still have 7 weeks to qualify for the grand prize. Want to know how points are calculated or have other questions? See the Alpha Tour FAQs for more details and our updated rules and regulations.

aG Alpha Tour Summer 2020 - Week 4


This week’s competition will require endurance and finesse. The long putt (and we mean long!) stretches over the meandering green of the 12th hole at Whistling Straits. Participants will have 5 chances to putt their ball closest to the pin.

Whistling Straits Hole 12


June 30th to July 5th


Any aG Links simulator with an internet connection.

If you don’t have your own aG Links simulator and you’re in a state that doesn’t have business restrictions, check out the aG Locker app indoor golf center locator to find a facility near you.

We wish you the best of luck in this week’s competition! Contact us with any questions.


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