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The aG Alpha Tour Summer 2020 Is Here!

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Get ready for the summer indoor golf tournament that could land you a $10,000 USD grand prize! The first event of the tournament kicks off June 9th.

Why watch golf pros on TV when you can be in the game to WIN the game? From the inception of aG Tour, our tournaments were made for you. It’s free to enter and you can play on any aG golf simulator with an internet connection. The participants have told us these competitions are a great cure for families with the stuck-at-home blues.

We think our last winner of the Alpha Home Tour, Chelsea Acree, put it best: “I grew up golfing with my dad and brothers. I love that we have the simulator in our house so I can golf with my husband and kids and make fun memories with them. During quarantine, golfing together has been the best part of our evenings. My 4-year-old loves that he can golf in his underwear. We love a little family competition! My husband got second place a few weeks ago, and now I can say I officially beat him getting first this week!”

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The Alpha Tours we launched over the past couple of months were a big success. With nearly 900 entries across our home and business tournaments, we could tell there’s a big appetite for online golf competitions made for weekend warriors. So by popular demand, we’re starting our Summer 2020 Tour next week. We’re back with different, more exciting challenges and more prizes. This 10-week online tournament virtually spans the globe and features seven different competition formats.

Like you, most of us have been stuck in our homes, and feeling distanced not only from loved ones but also the hobby and passion we hold dearest to our hearts. And a $1,000 USD or even $10,000 grand prize winner’s check doesn’t hurt either! If you haven’t tried one of our golf simulators yet, download the aG Locker 2.0 app for iOS or Android and locate an indoor golf center near you.

For more details on competition formats, venues, and rules and regulations, check out the aG Tour page.

The Weekly Prizes

For each weekly event, prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • $1,000 USD for 1st place

  • Yeti Cooler for 2nd place

  • Patagonia Duffle for 3rd place

Golfers participating during a given week will also be eligible for a door prize awarded to a randomly selected player.

online golf competition

At the end of the 10-week aG Summer 2020 Tour, the aG Summer Cup with a grand prize of $10,000 will be awarded to the player who has accumulated the most aG Points. Check out the details on aG Points later in this post.

The First Four Events

Week 1: Closest to the Pin - June 9th to June 14th

Pine Rivers—Hole 4

This challenging course was designed by our developers to test even the most skilled golfers. Participants will have five chances to drive from the blue tees in a 192-yard attempt to land the closest to the pin.

Week 2: 3-Hole Stroke Play - June 16th to June 21st

Tuscany Reserve Golf Course—Holes 2, 3 & 5

Our Greg Norman/Pete Dye designed course at Tuscany Reserve Golf Club measures over 7,000 yards in length from the Championship tees and features Sea Dwarf Paspalum throughout. A picturesque, farm-like landscape allows for a variety of uphill and downhill holes, while providing images of a course that could easily be set in the picturesque valleys of Tuscany, Italy.

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Week 3: Flop Wall Chipping CTP – June 23rd to June 28th

Competition Course—Hole 2

The Competition Course is an aboutGOLF exclusive designed to challenge even the most seasoned players. Our developers take great pride in ratcheting up the tension with near-impossible scenarios. In this interesting challenge, players will need to chip over a tall wall 16 yards out from the pin.

Week 4: Long Putt Challenge - June 30th to July 5th

Whistling Straits—Hole 12

The Straits at Whistling Straits is the future site of the 2020 Ryder Cup and has hosted the 2004, 2010, and 2015 PGA Championships and the 2007 U.S. Senior Open.

The long putt challenges players to sink their putt from 152 feet out from the pin on the massive green of Whistling Straits hole 12. Be careful not to veer left and slip off into the sand hazard or overshoot and fly off the green.

For the full line-up, visit the aG Tour page.

The aG Summer 2020 Cup

At the end of the 10-week aG Summer 2020 Tour, a grand-prize of $10,000 will be awarded to the player who has accumulated the most aG Points.

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How to calculate aG Points:

  • The top 25 finishers from each week’s competition receive points relative to their placement. 1st place receives 25 points, 2nd place received 24 points, and so on.

  • Every player is awarded one point each week they participate.

  • Each week, aG will award a multiplier for the number of weeks a player has participated. For example, if you have played in two events and score 5th place, you will receive 2 x 21 or 42 points. If in your third event you win 2nd place, you will receive 3 x 24 or 72 points.

The more events you play, the more points you’ll get.

Each week we’ll post the results of the event and leaderboard for the aG Summer 2020 Cup. For more rules and regulations, format explanations, or instructions on how to play, visit our Alpha Tour page.

Good Luck and Happy Golfing!


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