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Alpha Tour Summer 2020: Grand Prize Winner

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

aboutGOLF has announced the first-ever winner of the aG Alpha Tour grand prize!

golf tournament grand prize

During the final week of the competition, Dr. Rachid Mohamed, FRCPC, came in one under par in our three-hole stroke play challenge on the Texas Tour course. When combined with his consistent performance early in the tour, it was enough to secure the $10,000 USD grand prize.

Dr. Mohamed faced our seven event formats with aplomb, and his level-headedness landed him in the winner’s circle. He finished under par in both weeks five and ten stroke-play events and managed to top the leaderboard in week seven during a particularly nasty challenge—the floating green. When combined with a beautiful ace during week four’s long putt challenge, anyone can see we have a worthy winner.

“I thought the variety of competitions was really fun. Having this stretch of events to build the score and competition was a wonderful format. I trust the future iterations of this will be just as fun, and I look forward to participating,” said Dr. Mohamed.

His advice to future participants?

“Just go out there and have fun.”

Well said, and congratulations, Dr. Rachid Mohamed! Click here to see the grand prize announcement and get a look at the winning shots.

Here are the top 20 finalists for the grand prize:

alpha tour grand prize

Thank you to everyone who participated in the aG Alpha Tour – Summer 2020! aboutGOLF is thrilled it was such a successful event. Expect more event formats this fall along with a chance to walk in the footsteps of legends thanks to our Official Supplier status with the Ryder Cup.


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