• Camela Thompson

aG Tour Spring 2021 – Week 8 Event

Welcome to week eight, the final week of aG Tour Spring 2021! Participants can still join for a chance to win a $250 USD gift card and bragging rights for navigating one of the toughest shots in golf history.

Unlike past competitions, the point of most Spring 2021 events is to hole it. If multiple people hole it, aboutGOLF will choose the winner by selecting the person who holed it first on their earliest attempt. If no one manages to hole it, the prize money will carry over to the following week.

Each week no one holes it during any of their attempts, the purse gets bigger for the next event. There is no maximum should players miss multiple weeks. (So if everyone misses three weeks in a row, the next week’s purse is $750 USD).

To enter to play or find an indoor golf center participating near you, download the aG Locker app.

The Week Eight Challenge

During the final week of aG Spring Tour 2021, you'll be attempting Matt Kuchar's bunker shot to the back pin on the 18th hole during 2014’s RBC Heritage Tour. Digging out of a bunker is never easy, but the trick is remembering that the green slopes down to the cup. Overshooting the cup will mean you miss out on the prize money.

Check out Kutcher’s shot at the 1:33 mark:

Best of luck to our players and a big thank you for participating in aG Tour Spring 2021!