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aG Created a New Way to Share Your Best Shot!

It’s the way life goes. You make that one-in-a-million shot and can feel your blood rushing in your veins. When you look around to celebrate with whoever witnessed your achievement, NO ONE is there.

Which means no one will believe your story of the most amazing shot that actually happened.

golf hole in one

We’ve got you covered with aG Locker. Your record-setting aG sim shots are automatically captured and synced to aG Locker so you can share that hero shot with all of your friends. And even your enemies. (Take that, Brad in accounting.)

What Do You Need?

Provided you’re playing on an internet-connected aG Links sim running version 1626 or higher, our Caddy2 saves your shots and uploads them to the server. This means your online competition shots and record-breaking shots will be captured without any steps taken on your end.

Once the shot is uploaded, use your aG Locker app to access the recordings. Don’t have the app? Get it here.

What is Automatically Recorded?

Hero shots included with the 1626 Caddy2 release are:

  • Eagle shot

  • Double eagle shot

  • Long hole out

  • Putt longer than 30 ft

We also include Personal Records like:

  • Longest drive shot

  • Longest putt shot

  • Achievements

  • Hole in one master

What Does the Recording Look Like?

We’re so glad you asked! Click on the image below to check out how we've used the hero shot to highlight our Alpha Tour event winners:

most amazing golf sim shot

How and Where Do I Share?

You can easily access your hero shots in aG Locker on your mobile device. Once you find the shot you want to share, select from our options including email and social media. Blast your achievement far and wide so everyone knows how awesome you are. You deserve the recognition.

Happy Golfing!


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