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aboutGOLF Is Growing Despite 2020 Curveballs

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

With all of the twists and turns 2020 has thrown at us, we’re happy to report more signs of growth in the world of Modern Golf. In addition to an exciting new announcement on the horizon we can’t quite talk about yet, aG has welcomed a new vice president of product and a new investor to the board.


While we can’t be certain what this year will bring us next (an invasion of anthropomorphic reptile aliens, perhaps?), we’re thrilled to gain the insights of two talented visionaries.


Ryan Duguid, VP of Product

Ryan Duguid VP of Product

In a recent interview with Ryan, he shared the hesitation he felt the first time he stepped in to an aboutGolf simulator. “I met up with Brett (aG’s CEO), and he insisted we try the simulator. I’m not a golfer, and with a live audience I wasn’t too keen on the idea. He chose Razor’s Edge, and all of a sudden I’m staring at a driving range with an ocean to clear, and sides that are starting to collapse in on me with each shot. I don’t know if you’ve played it, but it’s very intimidating, especially when you’re first shot lands in the water.”

Even the most experienced golfers have found Razor’s Edge to be a difficult challenge with its ever-narrowing landing zone.

“It got me thinking about Malcolm Gladwell’s popularization of the 10,000-hour theory,” Duguid said, referencing the estimated number of hours of practice needed to attain greatness. “If you spend 10,000 hours on a golf course, I can guarantee that you’ll become an expert in walking.”

“Invest a fraction of those hours in our simulator where every shot counts, we’ll make sure you keep getting better at golf, and then your time on the course will be all the more enjoyable. That’s our promise and I’m looking forward to putting it to the test.”

We’re confident Duguid will find success after speaking with aG customer Danny Ellis.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Ryan’s insights are often an interesting intersection of human behavior and technology. “With an academic background in Computer Science and Psychology, my focus is on understanding people, identifying their unique problems and helping them to realize their true potential through the creative application of technology.”

After six years at Microsoft and eight years at Nintex, we asked what lured Ryan away. “Good people tend to stick together on a journey,” he answered. “When Brett asked me to work with him again, it was a conversation I felt I had to entertain.”

We’re glad he did. Welcome to the team, Ryan!


aG's Newest Board Member: James P. Karides, CPA

James P Karides

James P. Karides, President of V-Ten Capital, brings a wealth of experience to aboutGOLF as veteran tax and financial consultant to closely-held growth companies.

"The future of golf is changing. aG is at the forefront of that change by blending technology with the authenticity of the outdoor game and bringing it indoors. Modern golf will open the game to new and current players alike, and that's why I decided to get involved with aG,” said Karides.

Jim joined noted entrepreneur and founder Richard L. Sharp in 2007 to form V-Ten Capital as a partner and currently serves as its President and Chief Financial Officer. He has day-to-day responsibility for overseeing V-Ten’s investment portfolio and provides oversight and expertise in the areas of capital financing, structure, tax planning, and financial reporting.

Jim is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and is currently Treasurer of the Rick Sharp Alzheimer's Foundation. He is an alumnus of the Richmond Venture Capital Club and Leadership Hampton Roads. He also currently serves on several corporate and charitable foundation boards.

Mr. Karides is a graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia and currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA with his wife, Guzin, and their three sons.

Welcome to the team, Jim!


2020 Notable Moments for aG

In addition to expanding our leadership team, aG has had a number of notable moments in the first half of 2020.

ag platform

The launch of the aG Platform in March kicked off the first in a series of leaps forward for our new software-first approach. aG not only provides the most performant experience on any aG Links simulator. We also give you a way to remotely connect to your game and a community of passionate golfers via aG Locker, and frequently release new aG Content like fresh courses and games for every skill level.

Because our platform is software-based and cloud-enabled, we provide you with ways to play the game anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

aG Locker 2.0’s launch in March gave golfers a new way to connect to the sport and compete against a global community. We leverage cloud-connectivity to give you access to your data so you can analyze your game when and where you’d like. Most importantly, we’re building a community where avid golfers can share their achievements and new golfers can document their journey with the sport.

On April 2nd, we kicked off the first public-facing aG Tour with the Alpha Home Tour. Over the course of the competition, we saw an impressive number of participants compete for over $9,000 USD in prizes. The feedback we received reinforced our belief that the tour provided families a fun way to avoid the stay-at-home-blues.

The second week of April saw the launch of aG Trainer, the beginning of a limited time offer to deliver the most accurate and insightful indoor golf technology at an affordable price point—right to your door. What prompted this product release?

“We find golf is a great way to destress, even if you’re stuck indoors. At aG, we wanted to provide people a way to keep playing the game. Plus, access to swing data and online competitions through aG Tours will give players more confidence when they walk back onto their home course,” said Brett Campbell, CEO of aG.

In June, we kicked off the Alpha Tour Summer 2020 season and announced a $10,000 USD grand prize! Participation has been amazing and there’s still plenty of time to qualify for the Summer 2020 Cup. Visit our aG Tour page to see how.

It’s been a busy year for the aG team and we’re not planning on slowing down any time soon. Stay tuned to see what’s next!


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