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aboutGOLF Featured on Chip Wade’s Gift List

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Those of you who enjoy HGTV will recognize Chip Wade’s name. For those of you who don’t indulge in DIY television, Chip got his start on television, lending a hand as a master carpenter on HGTV’s Designed to Sell. Since then, he has been featured in HGTV’s Curb Appeal: The Block, Ellen’s Design Challenge, Celebrity Page, and has a regular feature on Fox and Friends as their DIY expert.

Chip came from a long line of master wood craftsmen and started working for his father at a young age. In addition to being featured as a master carpenter on several television shows, he has established a reputation as a celebrity designer. You can learn more about Chip here.

On December 19th, Chip welcomed Fox & Friends into his home, showcasing his aboutGOLF installation during a segment on last-minute gift ideas. We were thrilled to hear the family enjoys the simulator as a home entertainment center. With our AV integration capabilities and streaming applications, the aG Links simulator is great for movie night, video gaming, and more.

Indoor Golf Simulator

We’re proud of our golf simulator’s accuracy, the courses, and our online competitions, but we also understand that multiple dimensions not only make investing in a golf simulator more attractive to the whole family, but it also improves the odds of maximizing your space.

What do we mean by that?


People often purchase sports equipment with the best of intentions only to watch their treadmill/stationary bike/rower turn into a very expensive drying rack for laundry. Peloton has figured out how to increase engagement through live classes beyond cycling, competitive ratings, and a community of users. We do that, too, but we’ve also layered in capabilities for home entertainment, including live streaming (like those Peloton workouts we mentioned) and video gaming.

To get the crispest course picture, our recommended projectors are optimized for high lumens. To accommodate the theater aficionado, we can install dual projectors or find a middle ground between lumens and resolution. This is also a consideration for flight, race car, and heavy equipment simulation.

Have a gamer in your family? It’s easy to hook up any console from Wii to PS5. We also have family-friendly games, like our Mini-Golf games. Many of our customers love playing Skee-Ball with the kids.

Golf game simulator indoor

Adults who are kids at heart also love our skill-building games. Razor’s Edge is very popular with the long drive crowd, and darts put your precision to the test. We also have several online tournaments, including the Ryder Cup Sim Series, a series of qualifiers that ends with the winning team getting a VIP trip to the 43rd Ryder Cup!

For more unique gift ideas from Chip Wade, check out his blog. For more details on how to get the most out of our aG Links simulators, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.


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