Effective as of October 15, 2019


  1. The Parties: aboutGOLF, Inc., hereafter “aG”; and the authorized Referral Partner or Value Added Reseller (“VAR”), hereafter “Referring Party”.

  2. aG Products” are hardware and software components and complete systems (such as golf simulators and other entertainment experiences) manufactured and distributed by aG.

  3. “Potential Customer” is the end client who desires to purchase aG Products.

  4. “Partner Portal” is the web-based access point for use by the Referring Party.  Access is granted by aG solely to the Referring Party exclusively for the purposes stated below.


All information provided by the Parties is confidential.  Neither Party is to share any information provided without the expressed written consent of the other.


3. USE OF THE "PARTNER PORTAL" (some features may not be initially available)

  1. Referring Partner will submit Potential Customer leads, including relevant and necessary information to identify the Potential Customer and possible business with them.

  2. aG will review these submissions and, as appropriate, with authorize the submitted lead and its project.

  3. Referring Party will be able to view the status of the authorized project through the design and production process.

  4. Referring Party can update their profile, including sales contacts, address changes and so on.

  5. The Partner Portal will also provide targeted sales, product and marketing information. 



On acceptance of these Terms of Use, Referring Party is granted access to the Partner Portal.


Once registration in the Partner Portal is completed, aG will provide either a “Referral Agreement” or a “Value Added Reseller (VAR) Agreement” to the Referring Party for execution. That formal agreements specifies terms and conditions agreed to by the Parties.


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