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What Makes aboutGOLF Simulators So Special??

Unbeatable Accuracy

3Trak Machine Vision camera systems measure both ball and club data with unparalleled accuracy when it comes to spin rate and shot shape rendering. 

Why cameras instead of radar like the other guys? Simple, while radar is a powerful tool outside, it is unreliable indoors. Anything from a fan to a HVAC system can easily interfere with radar readings leading to inaccurate data.


A Wealth of Data

aG Simulators provide all the data that you need to hone your golf game.  Plus, the precision of our machine vision technology makes it easy to transition your learnings from the sim to the course.

  • Ball Speed

  • Launch Angle

  • Carry Distance

  • Total Distance

  • Spin Rate (back & side)

  • Distance Offline

  • Smash Factor

  • Club Speed

  • Angles of Attack

  • Centeredness of Contact

Play All Over the Globe

Our carefully curated list of premium courses includes over 85 of the best places to play in the world. From exclusive partnerships with the Ryder Cup & PGA of America to client-requested renderings of their own clubs, we’ve got one of the best course lists in the business. Plus, we’re adding more and more courses every year!


Not Just a Sim

aG Sims offer a suite of innovative features in addition to our top-of-class golf simulation. Keep your family entertained and happy with multimedia viewing and games. Increase your revenues and make a client’s day with advertising and club fitting. All that, plus more traditional golf games like closest to the pin, long drive competitions and more!

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