aG Alpha Home Tour

Spring 2020

aG wanted to find a way to encourage people to find a sense of community during a global crisis that has left many of us feeling more isolated than ever. We feel lucky to have had the opportunity to offer a happy distraction for our customers, and we hope they enjoyed our first official aboutGOLF simulator tour! 


Week 1

The Preserve – Hole 5  

Our inaugural week of the Alpha Home Tour drew in 64 participants across 37 locations, including several indoor golf centers. Hole 5 of the Preserve features a densely wooded hazard down the right and the green sits on a ridge with bunkers framing either side. Yiannis Sotiropoulos made this hole described by professionals as “not a treat” look like quite the opposite, landing less than half a foot from the pin.  

Week 2

The Preserve – Hole 9  

The left expanse of hole 9 is against the Lake Michigan coastline, and its sharp slope makes it one of the more challenging holes. Colem aced the hole and our second-place winner, Nederlander, landed less than a foot from the pin. Remember: a hole-in-one means the second closest to the pin is awarded $500!   

Week 3

Donald Ross Memorial - Hole 8  

Hole 8 features a significant water feature that our participants had to carry in order to hit the green. Carry it they did! Henry B aced his shot and our second-place winner, Cheese, landed ¾ of a foot from the pin.  

 In week three we saw 63 participants across 38 locations. Seeing so many families compete together warmed our hearts!  

Week 4

Bay Harbor - Hole 4 

Hole 4 of the Links overlooks Little Traverse Bay, but the real feature to be noted on this par 3 is the slope that runs through the center of the green. The odd lays of the two-level green may have been responsible for breaking the Alpha Home Tour’s hole in one streak. MG G18 landed just over 1 foot from the pin to take the win over 59 other participants spanning 40 locations.  

Week 5

Donald Ross Memorial - Hole 17 

In week 5 we saw an impressive surge in participants topping out at 74 talented golfers swinging from 41 locations. The fairway of hole 17 is hugged tightly by hardwoods, just as the pin is closed in by bunkers. It’s been known to flummox many professionals, but David Chaikin made a beautiful shot that landed just 1.18 feet from the pin.  

Week 6

Bay Harbor - Hole 17

Hole 17 of the Quarry is known as Bay Hill’s answer to the 7th at Pebble Beach. This is an unforgiving green banked on three sides by water. Chris Marzoli kept a cool head and landed 1.28 feet from the pin with Snaab nipping at his heels less than half a foot away. Perhaps the looming hazard scared off many of our usual participants as only 46 golfers braved Bay Harbor from 23 locations. 

Week 7

Bay Hill - Hole 1 

Hole 1 of Bay Hill features a sizable water hazard that must be lined with golf balls. Although Arnold Palmer managed to hit a hole in one in the 1977 Arnold Palmer Invitational, it’s a rare feat. Snaab, our week 6 2nd place winner, came close with a shot landing 2.64 feet from the pin while 56 golfers from 24 locations looking on in awe. 

Week 8

Teeth of the Dog - Hole 5 

Our final week of the tour saw steady participation with 57 golfers from 34 locations vying for the $1,000 USD prize. Hole 5 of this course reminds us of the warning that Teeth of the Dog is all bite and no bark. The green is angled away from the tee, framed by large trees, and partially surrounded by the ocean. Chelsea Acree edged out the competition with a beautiful shot that landed 2.53 feet from the pin. 


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