aG Simulator RenderingThe Preserve, Hole 2
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aboutGolf's hardware employs proprietary 3Trak machine vision that is masterfully engineered to collect repeatable data, including shot shape, shot type,ball spin and shot trajectory.



aboutGolf's structures are constructed with tested, quality materials designed to withstand even the best golfer's strength and speed.



aboutGolf's software ranges from scenic and worldly driving ranges to an easy-to-use and state-of-the-art user interface - and everything in between.

And Additional Options


With dynamic shadows, self shadowing, vivid colors, celestial bodies, real-life glare and meticulously replicated course details - right down to blades of grass and tree bark texture - aboutGolf Simulators provide a realistic experience of courses world-wide.

Advanced Modules

aboutGolf offers an extensive variety of Performance Product options that can be used to enhance the learning experience on a PGA TOUR Simulator or as stand-alone training aides.


aboutGolf offers several ways to add a more personalized touch to simulator systems, including enhanced projection or branded materials.


All those others things we offer!